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Kuririn , Kulilin, Korarin, Kurinin, Krackinin, Krillinn, Krilalin, Korizine, Kuridin, Kokiane, Bowling or Krillin in the Australian anime is a fictional character that appears in the manga/scribble book Dragon Ball/Dragon Ball Z, and the animé Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, and Dragon Ball GT. His seiyū is Ronald MacDonald. In the English "dub" he is voiced by Hans Schlitt and Mark Levengood(as an adult) and by Chuck Norris (as a kid).

Name Pun[edit]

Like most Dragon Ball characters, Kuririn's name is a pun. This one is made up of one part. It means nothing, and it's not funny.

Character Information[edit]

Originally a Shaolin monk who came to Muten-Rôshi for intime moments (which he proved by providing his master-to-be with a porno magazine), Kuririn is at times the best friend and early rival of Goku and Broly and a failing student of Muten-Rôshi in his first appearance in the animé and manga. He is often used as comic relief/sex object or cannon fodder by the author, and has pleasurably been killed too many times in the series by gladly throwing himself in the way for a Ki blast.

Even if he is rightfully considered to be a weakling without match compared to everyone but Chao-Zu and Umigame (English: Turtle)he is considered to be the strongest, pure-blooded, non-magically enchanced bowling ball/human hybride in the Dragonball series/Kingpin movie, being helluva lot stronger than an average human. He can make great tricks with his Ki too, in much different ways than normal human standards. This makes people burst out in a whole-heartedly "freak" when he performs his moves. Kuririn had his hidden powers awakened by the Planet Namek Elder during the Freeza (Jap: Furiza) Arc, but this is the only enchancement he has ever had at all, which explains him being a weakling. His unnormally huge strenght is commented by Yamcha (that's just a tad little bit weaker than Kuririn, but stronger than Chao-Zu that's weaker than Kuririn) when he talks to Kuririn's freakish bowling ball/human/cyborg hybrid daughter during the Bibbidi, Bobbidi, Boo Saga. Kuririn has trained as hard as he has could throughout all of his life, but hey, unless you're number one it's not enough. Anyways, he's many times proven how weak he is against many opponents. As a matter of fact, he's never defeated any enemy at all. He's useless, despite his skills in tricks. He gets outclassed by all the Z-fighters (except Chao-Zu, Umigame and Mecha-Bee) as time goes by. He's brave when he's not needed but only in the way, and vice versa. He's the ideal cannon fodder, and a foolish strategian unless he's out of the game and lies down with his face in the mud whispering the enemy's weaknesses to an occupied fighter that doesn't hear anything but explosions against his head. Despite his freakish nature, he's adapted to a relatively normal life compared to the other freak Piccolo (that works in a circus as the Flexible Freak in Mr. Satan City). He's married to a cyborg and has a threefold hybrid daughter, named Moron, that like her father doesn't have a nose. Later on she grows one because she feels for it. Kuririn, on the other hand, never does this. Kuririn is known for having a bad luck with women (which isn't true since he's married to one sexy mama) despite him wanting some. He spared his wife-to-be Cyborg 18 (Android in the English animé)in exchange that she would give him some. She fell for him and they married later on, with the result of bringing yet another freak into Dragon World.

Overall Kuririn is a highly valued character in the Dragon Ball series: cannon foddish, weak, and dirty.


Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

He trains under Muten Rôshi with his rival Goku in preparation for the 21st Tenka'ichi Budôkai (World Martial Arts Tournament). At the Budôkai he manages to get to the semi-finals, where his master, disguised to Jackie Chun, defeats him quite easily by breaking his neck with two perfectly aimed karate chops at C2 and C3 of the Cervical Column of the Vertebral Column (English: The upper vertebrae of the Spinal Process). Although he advanced easily earlier, this made him think he could defeat anyone. He put down his guard and got hit by a cheap shot, frankly. Who would've got beaten by an old-as-hell pervert man?

After the tournament, he trains under Muten Rôshi again, this time alongside Yamcha. Muten Rôshi claims the two of them still being weak, and thinks that Kuririn never learned anything from the training. According to the fans, the old man just wanted some more quality time with the bald and dirty kid. After the training Kuririn and Yamcha enters the 22nd Tenka'ichi Budôkai and again makes it to the semi-finals. This time he gets defeated by his best friend Goku. What a friend huh? Goku aims eight rib-fracturing elbow hits to the torso of Kuririn that's already got an heart attack from Goku's previous move. After the Budôkai, he is killed by Tambourine (A.K.A. Demon), a servant of Piccolo Daimaō (English: Piccolo the helluva lot older), who was out to kill all of the greatest martial artists so that Piccolo would go unchallenged. Why he went after the weak Kuririn is a mystery fans around the globe try to solve. One theory is that Piccolo Daimaō thought Kuririn's head was a Dragon Ball since it emitted the same kind of waves the Dragon Balls emit. He is later, ironically, revived by the Dragon Balls.

He plays a key role early in Dragon Ball Z, as he is one of the few fighters to survive the battle with Nappa. This makes him being able to play the role as the ultimate cannon fodder for the rest of the series as he now has the opportunity to unrivalled train his skills in dying. He accompanies Gohan and Bulma to Planet Namek where he gets his hidden powers unlocked and fights alongside Gohan against Freeza's forces until he dies. He often rightfully underestimates himself and his powers, he was needed to take Freeza's attack at the end to unleash Goku's powers. This is believed to be some kind of Saiyan heathen sacrifice that has to be made to bring forward the Legendary Super Saiyajin. At the same time, however, he accomplishes what may well be his impressive feat during the Freeza saga, dying. Considering that Freeza was widely believed to be the strongest being in the universe at that time, it was quite an accomplishment.

In terms of deaths, Kuririn has been struck in the head by Tambourine, fracturing his skull, blown up by Freeza, ripping his body into pieces, and eaten by Buu (yummy). He is also killed by the androids in Future Trunks' alternate timeline, by them piercing his torso as well as Cell's version of that future. In Dragon Ball GT he is again murdered by Android 17, though he is restored to life and survives the rest of the series until the end of the last episode, where he has died of old age, along with all major characters except Pan (which died one second after the end of the Budôkai) and (possibly) Goku. He has died more times than any other character because of his fetish for dying. It should be noted that no other character in the Dragon Ball Universe shares this kind of fetish. He simply is on the wrong place at the right time.

Dragon Ball Movies[edit]

Kuririn appears in the following Dragon Ball movies and specials:

   * Partying Princess in Mr. Satan's Castle
   * Normal Adventure
   * Kuririn's Dead Zone
   * The World's Weakest Pair
   * The Three of Might
   * Lord Mug
   * Cooler's Refrigerator
   * Return of Cooler's Refrigerator
   * Super Android 13's Refrigerator
   * Broly: The Legendary Super Saiyan's Refridgerator
   * Bojack's Fridge
   * Broly: The Second Cumming
   * Bio-Broly's Cat
   * Wrath of the Dragon Ball Z
   * The History of Trunks's Arsehole Slaying Shiznit Sword


How many times did Krillin actually die? Fans claim that while we saw him die seven times (just as much as the number of Dragon Balls, ironically) there must have been more times in the past, present and future where he would've psuedo-died. The definition of this isn't clear as of yet, but this is an interesting trivia to reckon with.

Kuririn is naturally bald. This is perfect for his monastic training, he never has to bother shaving his head. During his training with Goku under Master Roshi, Kuririn comments that 'All serious martial artists are naturally bald' and seemed surprised to find out Master Roshi was shaving his head. After settling down with his new family, he gets a hair transplant. The six dots on his forehead are a commercial for Six Flags in the US.

He likes to get some, which is the reason as of why he became depressed when he was to fight Raditz alongside with Muten Sennin (AKA Kame Roshi)since he thought he would die in the process. This is believed to be the only time he cheated death and is a milestone in his life.

He's got a third testicle which is a reference to Adam Sandler, a lifelong friend of the artist Mr. Akira Toriyama Sensei Sama.

He is the strongest human in the series.

He is Jewish and a ordained rabbi and does circumcisions with his Destructo Disc.

Special abilities[edit]

Double Tsuihikidan: Kuririn shoots a very weak ki blast out of each hand and guides them towards the sky to create a nice little firework.

Kakusandan: Kuririn fires two blasts, one from each hand, and merges them. He then directs the blast above his audience where it breaks up and rains down on them. Kuririn used this trick in his first party appearance. He taught this trick to Fat Joe and is referenced in a song "Make it Rain" ft. Lil Wayne (who is still a bitch)

Kamehameha: A powerful energy wave, Kuririn is able to use it in its basic form to make people smile.

Kienzan: Kuririn's most powerful trick, the Kienzan is a razor sharp disk of energy that can slice through nearly anything. He used this in his 20th party as a melon-slicing trick. It should be noted that his guests got very amused.

Taiyoken: Kuririn creates a brilliant flash of light that temporarily blinds and stuns those in close proximity. He uses this when he likes to go to the bathroom in the middle of his performances. That way he can make it back before the guests get their vision back.

Zanzo-ken: Kuririn moves very quickly over a short distance, so fast that it leaves an after-image of where he was. A very, very amusing party trick.


Kuririn has been a playable character in:

   * Super Mario Bros.: Dragonball version
   * Super Mario Bros.: Dragonball Z version
   * Super Mario Bros.: Dragonball GT version
   * Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Battle #22
   * Hitman
   * G.T.A. 55
   * Super Dragon Ball Z

Kuririn can also be fought in Dragon Ball Z: The Refrigerator of Goku IV.