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Were you searching for The L Word? Pervert
L-space or library space is a theoretical dimension, which occurs only in the libraries of educational establishments. There are two theories of L-space, the General Theory of L-space, which is widely accredited, and the Special Theory of L-Space, which everyone agrees is complete bullshit, the guy who came up with it was huffing orange kittens, and really it is not worth talking about at all. It is worth noting that one must understand the law of hodgepodge before one can understand L-space theory.

General Theory of L-Space[edit]

It is widely known that every object in the universe exerts a force on every other object. This usually refers to gravity, but in the case of books the knowledge contained distorts space in libraries, like so:

It is well known that a black hole is formed when a celestial body implodes causing massive amounts of gravity, brevity, coffee, and general hodgepodge. The massive amounts of gravity distort time, space, and restaurant bills. The same thing applies to areas where large numbers of books are contained, they create a stable distortion in time and space, allowing librarians to rescue books from libraries if they catch fire, it is also how they track you down if you have a fine to pay. It is also possible to access alternate universes and trouser legs of time which is why librarians demand silence, they must concentrate else they may end up in a separate reality accidetally.

Other aspects of general theory[edit]

It is also clear that all books exert a influential force upon each other, i.e. books of the past influenced books of the present, and books of the present influence books of the future. It is therefore possible to determine the exact content of books of the future by reading the books of the past and present.
This proves the invalidity of the Bible and therefore the non-existence of God as god is supposedly all knowing and supposedly wrote the Bible, he would have been able to read this thousands of years ago and would have given me extra homework to stop me from writing this.

Special Theory[edit]

I suppose you will want to know the special theory won't you?
I am afraid I cannot tell you that because all I know is that it is bullshit, in fact only four people actually know the Special Theory, they are its inventor L. Ron Hubbard, Terry Pratchett, He-Man, and a librarian who was turned into an orangutan. The latter three are the only people to have been told the theory, they told L. Ron that it was bullshit, he promptly died and no-one can be bothered to pass it on because it is so incorrect.

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