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Lacoste Style[edit]

Lacoste - A brand of clothing that excel's in quality and comfort. The premium quality in Lacoste polos and other wear has made them breathable but yet fashionable. Whether you pop the collar or not, whether you place a flower on the buttons or not and whether your white or a stylish latino, you are respected. No matter what your style is, a simple green crocodile on your shirt stands out and everyone knows. The only thing we ask, is that if ur skinny, like really skinny where you cant even fit in a size 2, dont friggin wear the shirts. YOU MAKE IT LOOK BAD!! shesh when you pay over 100 for a shirt wouldnt you want it too look good on you? GOD. And please dont go buying fake Lacoste shirts, FAGS

The Preps[edit]

The main target for Lacoste wear are the preps. Those rich poppin collar peeps that deserve what they work for =) These have been maintaining the peace for Lacoste for a very long time and continue supporting them spending and spending until their wallents are empty and they end up with 3 good shirts =)

The rise and Fall of the "Lacoste"[edit]

In an epic battle to maintain the peace, Those damn niggers have imposed the Lacoste fame. With them trying to make their GHETTO wear "cool" they have dropped the Lacoste populariy by 20%. Now it must be clear that not all the niggers had fault for this. Thos tight looking blacks that wear diesel n engery (and ya lacoste) have been welcome to stay in the cult. However the ghetto niggerz have been cruising around in their GMC Niggias for a while now and have been annoying the white race, including the latinos that have some sence in them. Earlier on this year the "KKK" have inpeaded the advancement of the dirty black niggers army leaving room the the white and black (preps) and even the stylish non gay latinos to assemble and shoot lazers from ther privates at the discusting ghetto niggers getting rid of them for good.

The Fags who Dislike Lacoste[edit]

Now sadly their is a group of people who dislike Lacoste of reasons of their own (Naw we know their gay they have no reason to dislike Lacoste). The stupid reasons that these nerds give is "Its too expensive, i'll never pay that much for JUST a shirt, It doesnt even look that nice, It doesnt feel good, Only wierd ppl wear it, The collars are gay" Now take a min and agree with me that the people that say this are the loners that stay at libraries on a Saturday getting paid 7 bucks an hour whos father is a bitch who cant buy him shit?!