Lake Titicaca

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Peruvian Sign Post featuring the latest language symbolism to aid foreign visitors
For the religious among us who choose to believe lies, the so-called experts at Wikipedia have an article about Lake Titicaca.

Formerly known as Lake Reginald Hewitt, after a 1954 British Tourist caught pantless by natives in the lake, this body of water entered the public eyes in the mid 80s.

Lake Titicaca, oh Lake Titicaca
It's between Bolivia and Peru
Lake Titicaca, oh Lake Titicaca
With waters tranquil and blue.
Oh Lake Titicaca, yes Lake Titicaca
Why do we sing of its fame?
Lake Titicaca, yes Lake Titicaca
'Cause we really like saying its name!

In March 1986, a ship ferrying septic waste across the lake hit a reed-burg (unique to the lake) after the captain became distracted by the breasts of a topless, sunbathing, emo tourist on the beach. The resulting spill changed the content of the once pristine lake into a cesspool of human shit, arguably the sole cause of the Titicacuan War of '87.

In October of that year residents of the region around the lake voted to change the name of the lake to Titicaca, a name seen as more fitting to the current conditions of the lake. In mid-2004, the lake almost changed its name to lake Breastshit.

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