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Law is geometrical solid, cylinder with indeterminate altitude.


Proving is grounded on ancient axiom: Law like pillar – impossible to jump over, but possible to walk round.

We can go to some important conclusions from the axiom

  • Law is material thing. It follows from first part of the axiom: Law like pillar. Something non-material impossible to compare with pillar. For example, poem like pillar or communism like pillar…mm…it sounds grotesquely
  • Law has cylinder form like any pillar. There weren’t any pillars like cone or pyramid. It is possible to oppose: there are ferroconcrete pillars in various forms. However, is needed to remind: the axiom is very ancient and in that times there weren’t ferroconcrete pillars. Then pillars were made from trees, which are only cylindrical.
  • From the premise Impossible to jump over we can go to follow conclusion: Law converges to endless altitude. Any finite altitude may be jumped over by Sergey Bubka, however even he can’t jumped over law, thus law has endless altitude.
  • From the premise Possible to walk round we can go to follow conclusion: Diameter of law base (and so length of circumference) is finite.
  • From the premise Possible to walk round we can go to follow conclusion: The beginning of law stays on a hard surface. Verb “walk” means to move on legs. No drive, no fly but to move on legs. As to walk is possible only on hard surface, then law is based on a hard surface
  • From the premise Possible to walk round we can go to follow conclusion: Diameter of law base can’t be very long – walking is comparatively slow movement. It is possible to calculate approximative maximum diameter of law

We suppose a man lives during 150 years and moves with constant speed 5 kilometers in hour. Thus he will live 1314000 hours and 5 x 1314000 = 6570000 kilometers. It is maximum distance which man can go through is life. Unfortunately, he will eat, sleep, reproduce and satisfy physical needs on the move, but we renounce by that for purity of calculation. We suppose man go along surface of cylinder, thus this distance will be length of circumference. Then we calculate radius: 2ПR = 6570000 or R = 6570000/2П or 6570000/6,28 = 1046178,3439490445859872611464968 x 2 = 2092356,6878980891719745222929936 kilometers. It will by hypothetical maximum diameter of a law. As we know a law stays on a hard surface then such law can’t be on the Earth. Probably such law there is somewhere in Universe. It is necessary to have in view our calculates are true only for man, as little green hedgehog-similar humanoids from Betelgeuse can run faster and live more.

Thus every law is console with cylindrical form, which fixed by the beginning on a hard surface, in possession of certain diameter and endless altitude.

By way, phallus corresponds completely to this definition, therefore phallus is law too. However we do not consider here properties of phallus, as this subject requires a individual description.

Properties of law[edit]

Because physical properties of law, it is possible do some another action (besides to walk around)

  • It is possible to climb onto law
  • It is possible to draw graffiti on law
  • It is possible to urinate on law
  • It is possible to escape in shadow of law
  • It is possible to lay under law
  • It is possible to shatter forehead against law
  • It is possible to use law like sun watch
  • It is possible to run from law – though it is pointless, law may not to move.
  • It is possible to warm hands on law
  • It is possible to scratch back against law.

There are geometrical properties of law, for example:

  • Two parallel laws do not intersect
  • There are points which are belonged to the law and which are out of law.

Kinds of laws[edit]

Every state has one’s own laws. Because altitude of every law is similar (that is endless), difference between laws is only in diameter (or legal power according to so-called scientists). If the law has a little diameter, is pleasantly and promptly to walk around this law. However you need to walk around the law with big diameter, it will be long, expensive and tiresomely. It will be better if you call guide or lawyer.