Law of Fives

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“I can't count that high”

~ Tamia

The law of five is made up of seven parts.

part one part two part three part four part five part six part seven

Part One The first thing you must understand is that five, is a holy number. There are many people around the world that worship this number, because it is the closest looking number to the number two; which is even more holier. It's like thanking fire for burning your homework.

Part two Five parts must be used when using the power if the the law of fives e.g. 1+4=5 (there are five things that created this the numbers and the two signs). Longer sums do not envoke the same power unless they are mulitples of five. If the sumi is the multiple of five and two, it is envoking the laws offive and the laws of two, this is not a good thing.

Part three The five laws