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Aksel Sandemose (center) and all four of his followers.

A set of 10 retarded Commands given by Danish-Norwegian homosexual bastard writer Aksel Sandemose to describe the right way to treat Danes. The commands are the following:

1. Don't think that a Dane is special.
2. Don't think that you are more stupid than a Dane.
3. Don't think that you are worse than a Dane.
4. Don't think that you know less than a Dane.
5. Don't think that you can draw worse cartoons than a Dane.
6. Don't think that a Dane can be more important than you.
7. Don't think that a Dane is anything but drunk, smelling and full of prejudices.
8. Never miss an opportunity to laugh at a Dane.
9. Don't give a Dane the impression that you care for him
10. Don't ever think that you can teach a Dane anything.

Aksel Sandemose was chased out of hís home town Nykobing in 13 August 1947 and ordered never to return. A recent suggestion put forward by scorning Swedish Academy to raise a statue over him in his home town, resulted in a dynamite blow up by the city council of the very spot the statue was proposed to stand on.