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Leaching is the process in which by dipping a random object in water and boiling it, all important chemicals and stuff can be extracted.

For example, when you boil a car, this process occurs:

A car being boiled in a really big pan of water.


One morning, Jack Costeaux went to his kitchen and prepared himself some hard-boiled eggs. When they were ready, they were hard. He tasted them and noticed that all the egg flavor was gone. Later, in the Institution of Hell, he and some scientists analyzed the leftover water and the egg. Thi formula explains the process involved in a boiling of an egg discovered:

E=MC^2 Where

  • E was egg loss
  • M was muthafruckin hot and
  • C was Christ, my egg flavour, where has it gone?!?

A more detailed exam indicated that eggium was leached out of the egg, making egg solidify.

Did you know…
Eggium keeps stuff soft and slimy. Too much of it can cause you to be a sumo wrestler

How it happens[edit]

We have the catalyst, water, and the host element. The products are called leftovers.

Boiled-up tree. All stuff was leached.

Uses of Leaching[edit]

There are several uses for this chemical process. The most known and common are listed below.

  • Administrators of Uncyclopedia leach some small articles, removing all the funnium, and the articles become farticles, as stuff that has no funnium stinks and sometimes like farts.
  • The music industry leaches the Potential Money a band has by making them wankers and wussies that follow the emo culture or the pop culture
  • Einsteins brain was leached shortly after Einstein died in a futile attempt to leach the element responsible of all intelligence. The experiment failed, and McDonald's hamburgers were born.
  • Boil a cool dude. The awesomness will be sucked out and all that will be left is an old grandpa. This is commonly done by mariachi midgets and noobs
  • If you leached a leech, it would go mad and lech you first.
  • Leaching cats. A similar process to Kitten Huffing, but more effective as all the hallucinogens are then absorbed by the water. Maybe Jesus Juice is made of this.

Other Chemical Processes[edit]

Other chemical processes needed to be know by the expert are: