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If you are in Leerdam (Leerdam is a town in the Netherlands, laying exactly in the middle of the country) you have several options for action.


There are two jobs in Leerdam:

- Make cheese


- Make bottles


Note: If you have education you can make a job of giving other people these jobs.

Note: If you are smart, you don't stay in Leerdam


Leerdam knows four kind of actions:

- Rootz Techno & Trance Deejays, Rock Music


An avarage night in the Rootz

Only if you are young, wild and completely hopeless. High risk of running into weirdo's, talk about citroën cars or spacemen if you happen to run into one of these. By the ones with beards saying yes from time to time is more than enough. The Rootz was formally known as "The Jungle". The Jungle however had to close down because the authorities got angry about the fact that they never got invited to the wild parties it used to had.

- The disco of Schoonrewoerd. Make sure you shave your head and act like the dumbiest person on earth or you won't get out alive. Bring your own music with you. No matter what crap it is, they will play it and no-one will ever notice. Leave at eleven o'clock, the ones that stay longer will beat or get beaten.

- Café's of Leerdam. Leerdam has a couple café's, most of the times they are empty, sometimes one is filled with a couple of dangerous looking man. Leave your gun at home, just pray for a lot of luck. Leerdam has a feared maffia that is there to drive away the big boredom which is having a grip on Leerdam for centuries.

- The Cats. Yes it is Holland, so yes Leerdam also has a coffeeshop and it's called: "The Cats". Avoid this one. The most hopeless drugs-addicts will avoid this dump, even if they were giving narcotics for free.


Leerdam has no history. One day it just lay there with city walls and everything. Nobody knows why or how and nobody knows what to do with it.


Flag of Leerdam:


The flag does not have any history either. It was made by photoshop while removing a virus. The people of Leerdam embraced the flag as there own and by since it's the official flag of Leerdam.


Leerdam is surround by three major highways, the A2, A15 and A27. Somehow it had never seen to set that to a profit. Some major transport companies came to Leerdam but fleed within years to another location. Leerdam is now only known for their Leerdammer cheese (wich tastes awfull but sells like hell, exept their second cheese Caractere which tastes delicious but doesn't sell at all), the bottles they make for Heineken beer (probably the reason that Leerdam is still on the map) and the Durex condoms. Nobody in Leerdam however works for Durex and untill the day of today it's still a mystery how these condoms are actually fabricated and by who.


There is also a train going to Leerdam. Most of the times it is empty exept on saterdaynights. People seem to live in the train on saterdaynights. Coming from nowhere, going to nowhere. Mostly they end up in Leerdam. Avoid talking to these people (or even look). These people are the reason that the dutch railway company has removed all there (sane) personal from their trains.