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Whoops! Maybe you were looking for Lesbo, or Gay?
Holly Hobby, lesbian nurse of Louisville, KY, the first openly gay woman.
Unlike Gay men (who often get a hard time) Lesbians are generally considered to be a good idea.  Every normal straight guy usually has a fantasy or two involving half a dozen lesbians and it's universally accepted by conservative males that only homosexual men will burn in hell. 
Old-timey lesbian orgy. That's you crying in the corner like a freakin' pussy.

Homosexual women, on the other hand, will be allowed into God's own bedroom, where they will then leave their lesbian bodies and progress into bisexual ones. In the realm of science, most guys would consider research into how to turn their girlfriends into bisexual nymphos as one of the best services that science could offer mankind.

However, in real life, lesbians look like 4-foot-tall lumberjacks, except stronger. Their haircuts look like they used their axe and they generally despise men. Mostly they live on the Greek island of Lesbos, and many have jobs cleaning carpets. Obviously, most men choose to ignore all this as... well... lesbians are hot.

The population of Lesbos comprises different ethnic groups and religions: second cousins, lipstick lovers, feminists, cyclists, gardeners, dykes, artists, contemporary dancers, tennis champions, café drinkers, pagans and others. No official census has been taken since Simone De Beauvoir wrote the Second Sex. What she really meant was that the same sex was better than the other sex. Many lesbians came to regard her as the ground breaking closet-opener. Regardless of their Greek origins, all lesbians participate in the celebration of quintessential lesbianness, culminating in the "Feast on the Yeast" on top of Mount Lesbo.

Many lesbians still derive their living from nature, including bonding, gardening and swimming naked and their skills navigating through thick bush are respected worldwide.

Lesbians' favourite food is carpet, and their favourite drink is Poontang. Lesbians enjoy music, with yodelling down in the canyon being the preferred form of expression, and love dancing, preferring the bump to all other forms of dance. Lesbians are thought to induce communism in young men and their own left member.

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Lesbian Goverment[edit]

The lesbian government is made up of a parliamentary monarchy. The Monarchs go to the title of The Butch King and Femme Queen of the House of Sappho (after the decimation of the House of the Drag King in 1672).

There are several political parties, but the most powerful are:

The Butch Party is an ultra conservative, ultra religious, and gun-loving party against Heterosexual marriage (an abomination to the Yuri goddess). They support big corporations, tax cuts on gym equipments, and girl-on-girl action movies.

The Femme Party are a bunch of liberal, latte drinkers, free love, girly girls, who do nothing but whine and complain about the state of the world and like to walk on the beach and read romantic novels on a winter night close to the fire…

The Lipstick Party, once you join them, you will never want to leave…

Lesbian Domination[edit]

Lesbians are infiltrating society in an attempt to dominate the world. They try and pose as normal members of the community, but to the knowledgeable observer there are many tell-tale signs that give them away. Next time you see a woman and you want to know whether or not she is a lesbian bent on domination look for the following signs:

  • Does she have sex with other women?
  • Does she have a girlfriend?
  • Does she have sex with other women?

History of Lesbian Religion[edit]

  • “God created Adam and Eve and said it was good, but then he changed his mind and created Lilith and Angelina Jolie and it was twice as good.”

    ~ The Yuri Bible
Lesbians doing the dirty on the couch
lesbians doing the dirty on the bed

Lilith was the founder of Yuriism, a sacred religion to ‘educate’ girls and lesbian girls into a life of proper education and manners, to become ‘good girls’ or ‘bad girls’ in an endless cycle of sex and more sex (and strictly only between girls), if you are into it. But mostly it was about girl love that was pure, hot, and exclusive to girls only, AND only between girl on girl, which was still hot since we still get to watch. Even thought many guys, boys, fanboys, and men wanted to join the yuri lifestyle and to follow lesbianism, they were all turned down. Lesbian doctrine and dogma denies entry to men, but some have decided to at least 'let them watch'. But then around last night, it emerged a new messiah that brought Hentainity, and caused a split (yuriaspora or sometimes called the Hentai Reformation) on the Yuri community.

The new savior was a lolita girl of the name of Konata Izumi, with her romantic partner Kagami Hiiragi. She wanted to establish a new movement that encompassed the teachings of Otaku, Anime, Ero games, Hentai, tentacle monsters, and Yuri into a religion that shouldn’t just be exclusive to just ‘romance or girlish’, which they found to be too docile, not only that but they wanted the men to join the fun (as well as the inclusion of tentacle monsters, since the Civil Alien Act of 2025). But the followers of Yuriism found them to be impure, raunchy, and too hardcore (also the men and tentacles were icky to their taste; if it is non-girl, it is not kosher), so their followers were expelled. This backfired, as Hentainity was not just exclusive to lesbians or women but fanboys, nerds, dorcs, otakus, and others were welcome to join with open wallets... eeerr... hearts, (but not Yaoi, it is abominable in the eyes of fanboys, no matter how much money you throw into it). These hopeless nerds and outcasts were allowed to join and create annual conventions where they would make their fortune selling hentai games and manga; thus The Holy Church of Hentainity was born…

Lesbians doing the dirty in the church

But that wasn’t the end of it, even thought lesbianity and yuriism was becoming more and more popular not every girl wanted to join, or even found the idea of doing it with another girl appealing (Oh noes!!!). There was a small minority of girls that found beautiful boys appealing, they even found it hotter if these boys did it with other boys. Because of this blasphemonous act, they were expelled and called heretics, soon they formed their own sect called Yaoiism. The founder was a Bishonen (peace be upon him), who won the hearts of many girls (and boys) who were dissatisfied with Yuriism, Hetainity or Lesbianism all together… ever since its foundation all beautiful boys around the world started to disappear. Because of the blasphemous nature of Yaoiism, it is not believed to be part of the teachings of Lesbianism.

Lesbian Pregnancy[edit]

A pair of typical lesbians

Yes two females can get each other pregnant, but it won't result in the usual parasite. This in fact will cause them to expel bread chunks after 9 months. The bread is determined by where you live. e.g. Germany: Pumpernickle, France: Baguette, Western America: Sour Dough, Midwest America: Whole Wheat, New Jersey: Wonderbread, England: Hovis. Unless, of course, they use the secret and dark art of Lesbianizum. Not much is known about this cult, but rumors have it that they capture twenty live men in their prime (14- 25 years old) and force them to do unspeakable deeds (or watch ones that make them unable to stop dirty daydreaming).

Lesbians Through Time[edit]

It is certain that lesbians originated in time, since the the island of Lesbos existed during the Greek Golden Age, which is a time. It is also widely believed that all lesbians are currently located in time, and that they haven't gotten through it yet. Stephen Hawking has stated that if any lesbians have already passed through time, they have probably moved on to Myanmar, which exists both outside of space-time, and outside of New Jersey. However, straight people had no recollection that lesbians existed until the mid- 1500s. Once discovered, many people thought they were a Wiccan cult, but some random guy would think they were hot. Often people would burn them at the stake, assuming the lesbians would cause harm to the world of straight people. Later in the 21st century people found out that lesbians would just take jobs away from straight white men, meanwhile making the world a better place. Lesbians reportedly lived (and continue to live)in the Amazon forest, and some thought they could reproduce by having huge lesbian orgies to no avail. It took them over 100 years to figure this out, (before science was invented). Lesbians didn't have much to do with history between the 1600s to the 2000s, but now famous lesbians, including Rosie O'Donnell, Oprah, and Lindsay Lohan, have added a genre of comedy and insight to the world.

Let's get real, fellas.

Mention of Lesbians in the Bible and Church[edit]

They have always looked like this. Honest.
For those without comedic tastes, the self-proclaimed experts at Wikipedia have an article about Lesbian.
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The faux patriot snake handlers at Conservapedia have an even funnier article about Lesbian.

“Thou shalt not lie with a man as thou liest with a woman, but two chicks doing it is hot”

~ Leviticus 23:4

“The town was wicked, even their women lusted for each other, and the lord sayeth it was hot”

~ Romans 5:7

“Thou shalt not be a lesbian if you are extremely attractive to males, and if thou is a lesbian and are extremely attractive to males, please, for the sake of god, change to heterosexuality (or bisexuality, if you really can't stop dating girls)!”

~ The 15th commandment

“Also, let the man watch whatever you are doing”

~ The 16th commandment

“Lesbians who lust for the cock need not forsake the ways of dykery for BEHOLD! I give thee the strap-on!”

~ Twaticus 69:23

Lesbian facts and figures[edit]

A Rug or Carpet Muncher, but not a lesbian.
  • There is no cure for lesbianism, and scientists worldwide are working night and day to ensure that one is never found.
  • 90% of lesbians have a long tongue. The remaining 10% are single.
  • 90% of lesbians swear by Rachael Ray brand kitchen utensils or Rachel Maddow brand strap-ons. The remaining 10% are single.
  • Many people believe lesbian sex can not get you pregnant. This is not true, in 2010 Paris Hilton managed to get 3 of her best friends pregnant in a lesbian encounter. It was a mystery at first, but it was soon discovered that Paris had sucked so much cock in the past month before the event, that she had .45 liters of semen stuck between her teeth, and the sperm then found it's way into her 3 female lesbian friends via oral sex. So lesbians of the world, be warned, if you sleep with a bisexual, use floss.

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