Letters Of Condolence

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During world World War II some people, were killed. When this happened letters of condolence were sent home. Below is a collection of some of the more moving and poignant letters sent home to the bereaved:

Dear Mrs Jones.[edit]

Oh dear, so sorry, what a shame.

P.S Your husband is dead, Bad luck. Enclosed is five pounds. Buy yourself a drink. Repeat until memory of husband is gone. Have a nice life.

Toodle Pip!

Brigadier Sir Miles Platagentet-Hastings.


Dear Mrs Hutton.[edit]

You know that word that rhymes with said. We’ll that’s what your husband is! Get it?

P.S In case you didn’t here’s a photo of his grave:


Jolly nice isn’t it, I trust that the image you still have of him in your head, is the one of him leaving for the front lines, with all his limbs intact. Keep thinking about that, because what’s left of him now, isn’t that attractive.

Yours regretfully. (We’ll until I’ve forgotten about him)

Major Sir Reginald Dempsey.