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“I just obtained level 17!”

~ nerd playing a game known as an RPG on Levels

The History of a level, or leveling[edit]

The term "level" probably first arrived in the old atari days when people used to play pong. Benjerman Washington invented the use of toliets. This is also the new era of the nerd, noob, and the 1337.

Leveling (old) refers to a state or point which a brainwashed human reaches after accomplishing a certain point. This point qualifies the obsessed to a new, suppositly harder stage of the game. Highscores were often mixed in with the language of the nerd.

Leveling (new) actually began when games called role playing games came to be. Many of these games, such as Final Fantasy, quickly became the hotspot of many new nerddy era's.

So, then were does n00b tie in?[edit]

~only distributed from a newb himself.

The history of n00b dates back to the first online game which was playable with different people around the world. N00b often refers to a "new player" or "one who does not wish to improve." These species will hopefully one day not take over the earth, and cause great distruction. Why do we fear them? They have a special n00b underground force which goes out and actually beg, taunt, or kill people to death using their n00b sence.

N00bs were born when the internet was, they used to only be on the internet. Now, however, N00bs "pwn" the world. This, in n00b code, is a dangerous thing.

And where does leveling come in again?[edit]

Much leveling today or in an rpg is used to improve a certain skill stat.

Level 21[edit]

You will never attain level 21

You don't know fag![edit]

Level 21 exists. Kill 6 Super Mutant Behemoths to get this level.

No. You don't know fag![edit]

You get Level 21 from downloading Broken Steel. You don't know shit bitch!


The guy up there is a bitch.


You all are bitches.



I got it[edit]


Broken Steel[edit]

Broken Steel is only for gaybox and PC. If you are cool, you don't have a XBOX.

Steve Jobs[edit]

Steve Jobs is god.


This page was probably more helpful to you then humorous. We appologize. This however, may cheer you up.

Cow Level[edit]

There is none.