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Levelland is a city located in the Panhandler region of The Republic of Texas. With a population of 52,382,001, it is considered the largest city in the world. This fact is often missed by those passing through, however, as most of the metropolis is located in a series of underground caverns, and what exists aboveground can easily be mistaken for a small country town.


Levelland was founded in 1234 BC by the Cherokee Nation, a vast and highly advanced civilisation which emigrated to the moon in 1707 so that the Anglo tribes could use the North American continent to develop their fledgling civilization. The city was later re-inhabited by Texans, who restored many of the ancient structures, including the great Golden Palace of Levelland, a vast complex of temples, libraries, and universities which is built entirely of gold, and the Mean Woman Grill, a mysterious aboveground site at which purveyors dressed in the traditional garb of jeans and t-shirts practice the ancient art of Hamburger Grilling.


Currently, there are only two physical entrances to the Levelland Caverns; one is located under the courthouse in the aboveground City Square, and the location of second is a secret closely guarded by the purveyors of the Mean Woman Grill. The city can, however, be accessed from anywhere by simply chanting the words "Howdy Y'all", an ancient Cherokee phrase which means "I request access the integrated Levelland teleportation matrices", or alternately, "Hello, you all". Visitors who use the teleportation matrices will find themselves instantly transported to the Shuttle Hub, from where they can find transportation to any part of the metropolis. To leave the city, one only needs to utter the word "Taykkairnaw", to be teleported to their previous aboveground location.