Liberty, Equality, Fraternity, or Death

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“Or surrender”

Liberty, Equality, Fraternity, or Death (Liberté, égalité, fraternité) is a crime drama/gameshow based on a popular French show of the same name. In it, contestants must choose between four options, each leading to one of the outcomes from the title. The contestants must be careful, however, as actions often have unintended consequences, such as choosing to release the tiger leads to your survival but your family is eaten, or choosing to go to the guillotine to save your family leads to your being saved by a pack of wild criminals like yourself, who end up sacrificing you so they can escape. Needless to say, most options lead to death.


Liberty can be defined as "doing whatever the Hell you want, for whatever reason you want." This option generally leads to anarchy, with death following soon after. Liberty can also mean slavery in the modern era.


Equality is the concept that no two people can be seen as being different, even if their differences are as obvious as Paris Hilton squaring off against Nelson Mandela. This generally leads to ignoring skills and talents that could help you get out of the situation. On the upside, however, the criminal gets to vote and have it count as much as, say, someone in the military, a nun, or a blue-collar worker. Equality defines America. I mean look at our military "no gays allowed" theres equality for yeah.a hahahaha


Fraternity means "a spirit of brotherhood." Needless to say, this is extremely gay (not unlike fraternities at colleges). Usually results in death.


Death (or "La Morte" as he is called in the show) is a mysterious hooded character that has a fancy for blades and always knows how to kill a party. He often finishes off the poor unfortunate soul who fails in their task, or (more often) just kills for the sport of it (as that is considered a "plot twist," and the directors require at least one of these per show).