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Whoops! Maybe you were looking for Government, or Cake? How about Fox News?

“This statement is a lie.”

~ Captain Obvious on paradoxes

“I am very important.”

~ You on This article and how it connects with yourself

A lie (also known as telling a porky pie,vitamin L or a Government.)is telling the truth in a creative way, you also must be a fucking asshole (see Anal sex). Usually done by pathological liars, liberal terrorists, and women, it is also known as the only way to get people to do what you want them to do.

Professional liars study with a Zen master for ten years to receive a Master of Business Administration degree. At the end of this period of study, they realize they can just tell people they've finished the degree without actually having done it.

The Science of Lies[edit]

This is what MI5 thinks of liars. Lies have a life cycle: half-truth → tall tale → falsehood → porky → white lie → lie → dirty lie → damned lie → France → damned dirty lie → political manifestostatistics. Statistics are in turn interpreted by pundits and the media to create new lies. when dealing with statistics, one should remember that around 89% of all known statistics are made up. This has of course been proven through statistics.

The advent of quantum physics has changed the modern perception of lie formation. Albert Einstein, in his landmark book Das Kapital, asserts:

"A lie is a statement based on a logical discrepancy, which draws energy from its surroundings with the relationship

this is what Jesus thinks of liars
This Is A Cake. It Is a Lie. It always Will Be.

[math]\displaystyle{ E = (m*g) / q^2 ASSLOL f6 }[/math]

where E is the energy, m is the number of people who believed it, g is the weight of the lie, and q is the probability that you are not in a movie (q = 1 - probability you are in a movie). As this simple relationship shows, I totally just pulled all of that out of my arse. Or did I?"

However, commonly used basic measure unit describing amount of lies is Goebbels or Go.

The book also predicted the existence of a new type of lie, the paradox, which is used to confuse people in order to control them. An example of a paradox is:

"The following statement is true. The previous statement is false.

Some common lies:

You have lost weight.
I'm fine! (when you are sick)
I've got rabies
It's not you it's me
I’m sure that...
I won't come in your mouth. (Just open wide and close your eyes....)
I’m happy. (in 95% of cases)
You see officer, what happened was...
Racism is dead.
Of course I didn’t marry you for your money, mansion and triple z boobs!
I’ll be good! I Promise!
I don’t want to have sex with you... Just strip and we'll see where it goes from there...
I love only you. (Hold your breath for 45 seconds and you’ll discover that you love air too!)
This is perfect!
I won’t die. (All humans are mortal)
I'll die without you! (Ten seconds later, still standing)
I’m telling you the truth; I never lie!
The cheque's in the mail.
I love exotic food.
Monsters aren't real.
I've never thought of doing it with another man.
No, really. This is fine.
Be prepared to receive cake
I did your mum last night and she was good. (Oh, wait?)
Kesha is a good singer
Your dad is really fit
Freedom of religion
Freedom of speech
Yeah, I went to see Twilight last night and it was good!
I'm an American.
I love you...
No no no, I didn't go to online college!
I'm gonna be rich when I grow up!
I love George W Bush
That dress doesn't make you look fat
You will get your birthday cake after you pass this test chamber.

Where you'll find it[edit]

Lying is commonly found in places such as:

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