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Ligature means the fusion of several letters.


There are many advantages of using ligatures. Firstly, ligatures can save time by sending less bytes. For instance, modern people always type WWW, but not UUUUUU (In fact the correct spelling is VWVW). Secondly, ligatures make words look more “high-class”. A simple example is that, Wikipædia is cool but Wikipaedia is lame.

The competition[edit]

Seeing this advantage, God tried to create a ligature for testing. He at first wanted to make Њ, a combination of H and b. He, however, mistakenly took the wrong letters and created Æ. Surprisingly, Æ gains a lot of popularity. Satan thought he must not fall behind, and therefore made Љ. This starts a competition of ligatures, and within 9 months 21 are put in the market.


When Satan made سضعظ, God had become too tired of the whole situation. He gave up all the ligatures to the public domain. Satan soon paused the development of new ligatures, but there is a sign he will make something new in Winter 2019.

Apart from God and Satan, some ordinary humans also created some ligatures. The most well known is VW, and there is also 47, LMNOP and Double V. Some people do not consider 47 a ligature, but a numbature instead.

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