Liisa has to go outside act of 1432

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A modern Liisa after being weened off of her MMO for an hour.

In 1286, there once was a person named Liisa. She was a poopsock. In the year 1432 King Ted Jesus Christ God declared it that since Liisa was becoming the largest poopsock in the world, she and anyone else in the world, named Liisa, ever, both past and present, must go outside for at least 7 hours a week, lest they begin to look like (see right).


Many people believe that 7 hours a week is something impossible for a Liisa to do. But with proper care and nurturing any Liisa at any time can be taken away from their habit long enough to have a normal social life. Another common misconception is that this applies to all names pronounced "lee-sa", this is untrue. Only those whose names are Liisa are subject to this act.

Current Situation[edit]

Currently there are more than one Liisa's breaking the laws provided in this act. For the most part all the the modern Liisa's are poopsocking in World of Warcraft, unlike with previous Liisa's over the years who have been addicted to Everquest, this new generation seems to be especially anti-social.


If approached by a Liisa who has not been formally re-introduced into proper society, beware, they can be viscious, and even deadly. Never approach a Liisa who is being reintroduced unless you are a trained professional, or have one with you. Liisa's can be as, if not more viscious than a kitten huffer who is drying out.