Lippy the Lion & Hardy Har Har

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“Oh Dear, Oh My, I'll never be happy.”

~ Hardy Har Har on Taking Prozac

“Hardy, I'm tired of your pesimisimum!”

~ Lippy Lion on Seeing Hardy Har Har overdosing on Prozac
Here's Lippy trying to find out how a car works, and Hardy is there as his misery relief.

Lippy the Lion is a poor lion who wanted to get rich because he wanted to be king. Hardy Har Har is a Crying Hyena and is always moping.

How they met[edit]

Both Lippy and Hardy were born in Africa...probably somewhere in Kenya, who knows since <insert name here> hasn't been there to see them, or did but forgot. Anyhow...Lippy the Lion was eating some zebra meat when Hardy Har Har was ridiculed by his cousins since he didn't laugh at a joke that they heard which involved Oscar Wilde and Your Mom, but no one knows either.

But let's say Lippy told them that Hardy Har Har couldn't get the joke, but when Lippy heard it he laughed. Hardy told Lippy that his mom died a week ago, so Lippy gave him some compassion and some zebra meat. And from that day forward, they became good friends.

Their arrival to America[edit]

Both Lippy and Hardy came to America and they had no money, but Lippy would try to get rich quick...and it never seems to work which made Hardy more depressed. Hanna-Barbera then saw Lippy and Hardy trying to get rich and failing at the same time, so they had them be on a new Hanna-Barbera Show which featured Wally Gator and Touche Turtle.

For some reason, Hardy Har Har got the worst out of everything. For example, when Lippy and Hardy went to eat, Lippy had no money so he did a dine-and-dash, but it was Hardy who got arrested. Hardy Har Har also got arrested to holding drugs that were Lippy the Lion's.

The Ark Years[edit]

In 1973, Yogi Bear and his friends got resurrected from hell after Tom took them out of there since they were there after the 1972 Summer Olympics when they got killed by the Really Rottens in Munich.

This time, they would be touring the world in an ark and Hardy Har Har got so depressed that Lippy the Lion said "I wish we did go to Munich, so that you would've died there and I would request that Tom wouldn't take you back"!

After that...Lippy the Lion left Hardy Har Har.

After the breakup[edit]

Lippy the Lion is in Detroit as the mascot for the Detroit Lions, but when they went 0-16 he got fired because they thought Lippy cursed the team. Today, Lippy lives in a van down by the river (probably around the Detriot region).

Hardy Har Har is now an emo. For awhile, Hardy would try everything to make himself happy, even take happy pills. But his doctor told him that Hardy Har Har can never smile again and is permanently depressed.