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Literacy is just another weapon utilised by teachers today to crack innocent children and make them into good little “pupils” this is a horrible and deadly weapon used only by the lowest of the teachers, and few can stand up to it for long.

The art of Literacy[edit]

I use the word “art” here in the same way as one would say; “the art of torture”. Literacy is a technique developed during the 2nd world war as a last resort during questioning in case all other torture failed; many cracked under the increasing length of the literacy lessons, and many more were driven mad. The cumulative effect of 3 hours of non-stop literacy is the equal to chlorine gas exposure and electrocution of the testicles put together!!

Modern literacy is simply over-analysing a piece of writing to such an extent that the mind becomes very weak and incapable of any independent thought, the shorter the writing and the more analysing the worse the effect, and the current day literacy reaches twice that used in WW II.

The origin of Literacy[edit]

Literacy was accidentally invented by a man trying to figure out what on earth William Shakespeare was trying to say, his mind was lost, and he spent the rest of his days in a mantle home, but not before telling others of its enormous power for evil.