Livraria Cultura

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Livraria Cultura is a brazilian overpriced bookshop owned by All of its emlpoyees are either Monkeys rejected for the Sysadmin job, or students of useless faculties such as History and Medicine (or uncyclopedians who can't spell).

Just like, those clerks will try to convince you to buy any book except the one you wanted. The advantage of the bookshop is that for an extra R$ 2,00 (Two Unidades financeiras Reais Realmente Desvalorizadas, Coloridas e Gays), you can punch the seller as much as you want.

Working There[edit]

The employees from LC are as happy as the chinese "free" workers from Cuban Sweatshops, although they don't make as much money, and have to work twice as much as those "free" workers. The only dresscode rule is: you gotta look either like Mommy's boy or a Pseudo-punk. The reason for that is to make the "Punch Me" offer even more tempting.

To be admitted at Livraria Cultura, one has to do an Interview, where they will test your total lack of personality, respect for the client and hability to be annoying as hell in order to sell books. Then, you have a really difficult exam, with questions such as "Mr. T bought R$ 120,00 in books, and beated 6 sellers. How much does he own us?"