London Millenium Bridge

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“Oh, those Millennials!!!”

The London Millenium Bridge was but a thought in the mind of the great poet Nathanael. However, once the knowlage that the millenium was approching appeared, he decided to visit the millenium dome instead.

Its not a brilliant place to have sexual intercourse; beacuse of the violent shaking during magma flow, but some feel it does the work for them.

At Christmas, Santa uses it as a runway, and elves are on standby to feed and muck out the reindeer, change the skids on the sled and sober santa up with dried toast.

The bridge exists in four known dimentions, and on walking on one end, you can never be sure where you will come off. This is seen as confusing at the best of times, and is explained thoroughly in the works of Ben Elton.

The bridge is another one of the many successful millenium projects, such as the Spinnacer Tower in Portsmouth and the Millenium Dome. Its important to know that all these projects were completed in time for the millenium, on budget, and at no cost to British tax payers.