Lords of the Underground

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"All your bandwidth are belong to us."
        - LotU on your bandwidth

Once apon a time, in a place probably pretty close to where you are now unless you are in Asia, in which case sucks for you, there was a merry band of merry people who were not married. These merry people went to The Not Quite As Merry School in The Not So Merry State in The Even Less Merry Country. These merry people noticed the lack of merrieness at The Not Quite As Merry School and decided to 'merry it up a bit'. And so it was that these merriest of merry men banded together to form the merry organization we now merrily know as the Lords of the Underground (LotU). This group swore a merry blood pact to download countless numbers of merry and often random videos, games, and audio clips in an effort to soak up the bandwith at The Not Quite As Merry School like an insatiable merry mutant sponge. LotU now needed a way to make the cause public and so they decided to use the most influencial information center in the universe (the same one that decided George W. Bush beat Al Gore and thus dooming us to the insufferable years that followed), Myspace, where they developed a facination with yeti porn (don't ask). Saddly the Myspace fell on blind eyes and LotU's merrieness started to become less merry. And soon all of the enhabitants of The Not So Merry School were forced to periodically worship Cecilia. This was truely the end of days...

To be merrily continued...

More ellipsis for added emphasis...

~ The above was posted by Anarchist Reynolds The Merry. Claxnos Redsear The Lazy, Vegan Dimitri The Random, and Seaworthy Al The Dazed are expected to add on additional information soon.


Brining down Reserve's internet one game at a time.


All your bandwidth are belong to us.

The Current Lords of the Underground[edit]

- Anarchist Reynolds The Merry
- Claxnos Redsear The Lazy
- Seaworthy Al The Dazed
- Vegan Dimitri The Random
- Hegemonical Bribe The Evil
- Verac Conche The Lucky
- Zandoli Twit The Kibbles
- Namyk Eelinen The French