Louis St. Laurent

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Louis St.-Laurent
Rank: 11th
Predecessor: William Lyon Mackenzie King
Successor: John Diefenbaker
Date of Birth: Summer, 1882
Place of Birth: Compton, Quebec
Political Party: Liberal

Louis Stephen Saint-Laurent (1882-1973) was Prime Minister of Canada from 1948 to 1957. A successful rumrunner during Prohibition, his efforts were rewarded when he was made President of the Canadian Bar Association. When attorney-general Ernest Lapointe died after eating a wafer-thin mint in 1941, Prime Minister W.L.M. King Decided to get Louis to replace him. Saint-Laurent succeeded King in 1948, when King retired to his estate in the his to devote more time to his crazy.

As Prime Minister, Saint-Laurent's greatest achievement was joining Newfoundland to Canada, an impressive feat which used 9000 tons of concrete, 55 miles of Scotch tape and 5 tons of Wacky-Tack. Other projects of his included the Trans-canada Highway, the St. Lawrence Seaway and the National Zeppelin Registry. As this was the 1950s, most average Canadians were busy living along the model of Leave It to Beaver, except in Quebec, where they used Laissez-le à Castor.

Louis was voted out of office in 1957 just for the hell of it. He devoted most of his time thereafter to the World Federation of Old White Dudes Against Jazz Dancing. He died in 1973.

Preceded by:
William Lyon Mackenzie King
Prime Minister of Canada
Succeeded by:
John Diefenbaker

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