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Love Possibly is a 2006 motion picture (comedy/romance) which stars the members of the South Australian government as various people trying to find love.

Poster for love possibly (PC Productions 2007)

It was written by soft-core comedy writer Richard Curtis The film explores the ups and downs of relationships in the weeks building up to Christmas. Lovers, Weddedcouples, Siblings and a few Gays all find their lives interacting as each comes to terms with the fact that if they look hard enough, love, possibly, is all around.

The Cast[edit]

  • Mike Rann as Jake (The Emperor of the Galactic Empire)
  • Karlene Maywald as Cassie
  • Chloe Fox as Celina
  • Kevin Foley as Rowan
  • Bruce Dickinson as Samantha
  • Michael Atkinson as Dale (The Dying Rock Star)
  • Julia Gillard as Pip
  • Nothingness as Rosie
  • A stick as Jules
  • Richard Marsland as Dwayne


The film essentially follows the trials and tribulations of the following people as their realtionships intertwine in the weeks leading up to christmas:

Jake and Cassie[edit]

Emperor jake has just hire Cassie as his assistant. What he doesn't realise is that she is in love with him and constantly makes advances for him.On Christmas eve, while going through security videos of his palace,he realises that he too loves her.He goes to her home and meets her on the doorstep where they make love infront of a group of carol singers.

Celina and Rowan[edit]

Recently killed in a car crash, Celina and Rowan take residence in the bodies of two shop manaquins. They haunt the shop until realising that they both love eachother even though they are dead. This allows them to come back to life for some odd reason.


Beacuse she is super annoying, Samantha spends the holiday season alone. It's pretty sad, but thats what you get for being an annoying litte turd.


Dale is a rock star, who after an affair with George Michale, is dying of a gayness related disease. Before he dies he realses a christmas single called "Christmas or something or nothing". It sucks and is a flop so he just dies without many people knowing.

Pip and Rosie[edit]

Pip and Rosie are both strange people with no friends. However determined to have a good christmas, they try and be nice to people but it deosnt work. Instead they attempt to steal christmas but are arrested in the process.

Jules and Dwayne[edit]

Jules wants to leave her husband Dwayne for another man, and Dwayne realises that he is gay and ants to leave Jules for another man. The both decide to divorce and live with their new partner, but they discover that they both love the same man. The decide to kill him so neither of them can have him, the both find new men to love.

The film ends 2 months after Christmas where the entire cast is sent to the same hospital because they all have bird flu. They all look at each other and realise that if they look hard enough, love, possibly, is all around.