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M*A*S*H was a propagandistic comedy broadcast on American Television during the mid to late 1970s by liberal commie pinko types in an attempt to convince the American public that the war in Vietnam was a bad thing which, as any true American will tell you (or college student from Madison Wisconsin in the sixties), it wasn't.

The show itself centered around a group of surgeons from the 1970s stationed in 1950's Korea, where there was evidently some kind of killing going on similar to that which happened in Vietnam 20 years later. The cast was composed of a variety of lovable characters, including the horny Hawkman Pierce, his buddy Crapper John, a Fried Burns, Hothips Hooligan, Colonel Harry Potter, Radon Bill O'Reilly, and the cross-dressing Klingon, and a chaplain no one remembers or cares about. A black character named Spearchicken Joe disappeared after first few episodes when he went native. Another character, Colonel Heinried Bleak, left the show and was "lost" in an airplane crash because he wanted to do motion pictures (see below).

Alda > You

The series ran for 27 years, even longer than the actual war. As the series progressed critics argued that many of the characters became increasingly strident and preachy, as evidenced by the episode entiled, "Socialism is the Only Way to Defeat the Fascist Republican Threat." Eventually, the show ended with a grand finale that was the highest rated television program of all time, as it was watched by over 5 billion people, which was a record in itself, since that was 2 billion people more than existed at the time.

Today, M*A*S*H has become the show your dad talks about every now and then, usually while watching other, better t.v. shows, like that one on MTV that has nothing to do with music.

Political Themes[edit]

A poll was taken during the 26th year of the show, which showed that more Americans would vote for Hawkman for president than Jesus. When the producers of the show discovered this, they stormed on the White House and stabbed Ronald Reagan in the nose. A new dictatorship regime emerged, lasting for five years before the show began reruns.

M*A*S*H: The Motion Picture[edit]

This theatrical release, directed by Francis Ford Coppola, follows the wacky adventures of an Army Captain (Kiefer Sutherland) (who sucked compared to Alan Alda) who is sent up a river to find and kill Colonel Bleak, who had set himself up as a kind of local god against Army Regulation 1445-89, which specifically prohibits any Army commissioned officers from becoming gods. Some of the more memorable scenes include surfing soldiers, a bridge destroyed every night and rebuilt every day, and a series of long, hilarious monologues by a bald, 385-pound Colonel Bleak.

M*A*S*H is the Greatest Show Ever[edit]

Exactly., it's the best @#$#ing shoe ever i got a girlfriend and to be the most popular guy in my school from that show, I LOVE IT, IT IS AWSOMERIFIC( Awsome and terfic)

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