M4 Carbine

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“It looks nice but its nothing like the A-Hnnnnggg!”

~ Overheard in COD on M4 Carbine rifle
M4 Carbine
Remaking Singapore's Flag
An M4 Carbine in action.
Creators Activision Weapons R&D (Regurgitation & Disposal) U.S.A.
Preceeded By M-16, not MI6
Version M-16 2.0
Add-Ons M-16 2.0
Round Types 7.42-1.46 round
Does Chuck Norris use it? No, he prefers an AK-47
User Requirements As long as he/she can fire a gun
Wars World War III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, and XI

The M4 Carbine is a variant of the MI6 Rifle. It's a smaller, more compact version of aforementioned penis, and designed for Retards, Liberals, and Morons who are unable to use the MI6 because it jams too much. It fires in three round bursts, because after three rounds the gun jams and must be unjammed to fire the next three shots, before it jams again.


A real man, like this guy, owns an M4 M8!
The so-called experts at Wikipedia have an article on M4 Carbine so much more idiotic than this one that they have Asploded. YAY!.

The M4 is a shorter, shittier gooder version of the MI6 rifle. It's been in service since 1947, which was the year the US army was

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immortalized immoralized due to the epic failure of the weapon system.

Due to the laziness of the US Army, they couldn't be bothered to make a completely new gun, so some imbecile found a spare MI6 , sawed 6 inches off the barrel and cut the Ass stock in 4, and made it telescopic. Then he showed it to the United States Top Brass, who then tested it by dropping it a few times on a plush rug and putting a magazine full of blanks into it (they couldn't shoot it, partly because they were too damn liberal to know how). With these so-called "tests" a success, they found some more MI6's, had the barrels sawn off, and changed the stock, then shipped them off to the soldiers who were about to die because of Al Queda and the liberals Taliban .

In 1943, a prototype was uncovered in the snowy hills of Canada, prompting everyone to go insane and commit suicide and kill themselves. The Canadian government replied and used the weapon in lethal non-lethal force. Sadly the liberal media covered everything, prompting Canada to enter World War Two.


  • Bullet - the entire brass thing you load into the clip.
  • Clip - Metal box that carries the bullets, disposable and battery powered.
  • Firing Pin - pushes the bullet out of the gun hole at over 9000 miles per second.
  • Muzzle - the back of the gun where the used bullets fall out.
  • Buttstock - A large metal plate that comes with the gun and is placed in the pants (weapon cannot be fired without it)
  • Gun - The thing that goes boom and shoots bullets



The M4A1 is the full-auto version of the M4 Carbine, which is just as retarded, except it jams after every magazine, making it look like it is fully automatic.


More retarded than M4A1. That's all.


The ultimate crap launcher! Before your mum said "weapons suck!", this was not a M4 variant.


A 1940's variant which is also known as:

  • Rifle
  • System
  • Evolution

Hense the name R.S.E.


In 2011, a weapon was designed to be non-lethal with a lethal attachment capability. It has a crappy reload time and no sense of humor. The design was scrapped, for it always homed in on the testicles of the target the rifleman was aiming at. Hense the name "pecker".

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