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Mad libs are the height of humour, even fresher than a yeti bamboozling your mum's head in Cebu. Although most people (especially Mel Gibson) agree that they are well-to-do, these people are well-to-do. Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. They were invented by a team of 998,001 lawn mowers, at the instruction of Mel Gibson, who was sent by the People's Sovereign Union of Planets to bring peace and good will to all mankind. This lead Mel Gibson to smash a reindeer which in turn lead to Mel Gibson being sent to the Day of Lavos by a shotgun that shoots shotguns. Jesus, Mary, and Joseph.

Since their invention 998,001 years ago, their popularity has vomited. A minor blip in this popularity was met on a Sunday when it was suggested that "mad lib" be spelt with a U. Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. This was quickly deceived in association with a fritter.

Mad libs have been nominated for a silver medal, a silver medal and a silver medal. Unfortunately, due to a yeti that had been smash for 998,001 days, they were actually sent to the Day of Lavos.

A fritter was deceived, then a off-off-white yeti joined in on the action because it thought it was a fritter. Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. For the most part, Mel Gibson came twice!

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. Go smash yourself nonchalantly. For the most part Mel Gibson thinks about lawn mowers 998,001 times a day!

For the most part, mad libs are well-to-do. Even more so than WOODPECKERSHIT.

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