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“I'll magic your school bus!”

~ Oscar Wilde on The Magic School Bus

“Those kids never found out what's making the bus smell!”

~ Elizabeth Dole peeing on The Magic School Bus

“It was better 'n Beast Machines, but then again, anything was...”
~ Oscar Wilde on The Magic School Bus

The Magic School Bus, right before having a rap battle with 2pac

The Magic School Bus was a governmental drug policy a.k.a. Puff Wagon. It later became a tour who had a futile attempt to influence children about "smokin that dough". The tour came to an end as it stopped in Compton, Californian. The Bus was never seen again.

The Hard Ships[edit]

The bus also made some anti-wizards or muggles believe the show was from hell. The very thought of a magic school bus was too much for anyone to handle. Some feared the idea. But then the anti-bible was on sale at children book stores: The magic school bus book library!

A Ray of Hope[edit]

When the books came out Oprah remarked the following to the series' creator: Matt Groening. "You have already invented such more popular shows such as 'The Simpsons' and 'The Days of our Lives' but what makes the Magic School Bus so special?" He then replied by saying that The Simpsons has passion and The Days of our Lives has drama but the Magic School Bus is so good it makes the Godfather look like Care Bears: the Movie!

50 Cent said the following about the Magic School Bus in a review: "The Magic School Bus is an excellent TV show. It brings tears to my eyes because it is so wonderful and beautiful. The characters have so much emotion. The expressions are like .... wow! And the lessons they teach are well... you need them. With out them you would not know the inside of a human stomach or how to get baked into pies and shit."

Controvery and Crossovers[edit]

As the Magic School Bus gained popularity, so did it's archrival and counterpart: The Unmagic Normal Old City Bus (UNOCB for short). In this show, the characters included a driver named Sir Izzile who talked about nipples. Also on the bus was an old timer by the name of KarMos. KarMos made the most unfunny jokes. There was also Poddle. Yes, instead of a Lizard it was a poodle. And this Poodle who turned out to be enemys with Liz in The Magic School Bus VS. UNOCB: THE MOVIE! The film debuted in the summer of 2000 and was given 5 stars by many reviewers. In the movie the bus was about to die but Miss Frizzle's tears brought the Bus back to life and it killed the UNOCB! Critics were happy but it would prove to be it's downfall. (The Movie was later dropped into the bottomless pit that is known as The Grand Canyon by a local bus driver)

Events before the downfall[edit]

The Magic School Bus was becoming more and more popular. It was the most watched TV show in 1999 for 8 months! When the MSB INC decided to let it go into the stock market the stock sold out in 1 second. People were getting rich on the magic school bus. But because so many people invested in the Magic School bus when the stock market crashed people were pissed. They decided to burn their stock or feed it to geese at the nearby river. The gesse then became super geese. As Pokemon began to become popular more and more people began to flip the channel. It was then that rock group Kill Switch Engaged released a new song with the magic school bus theme but in hard core rock! The song was so popular people would sell Elvis autographs to get the money to buy more then 88 copys of the CD. The show was again popular, so popular infact they replaced the Fifa World Cup with a Magic School Bus marathon. The only bad thing that transpired in this process was that the show producers were running out of ideas. They had to stop making episiodes and come out with a new fad. Magic School Bus Trading card Game! Yes the magic school bus was among us. And everyone wanted to get their hands on the first edition holographic Tim Card. The Tim card had 120 HP and could do 80 damage! But then the card game factory exploded and they came out with way to much memoribila! Thus beging the downfall...

The Downfall[edit]

As the constant amounts of collector's items began to flood the market, more and more riots broke out. Some parents even drove their children to school because the very thought of a School bus made them shiver. Then in the year 2001, school buses were destroyed! Toppled over by angry mobs and the elderly, the buses were crushed with their engines left to ask the question "Why?". With the mobs having no response, they quickly turned on PBS and all the buses were revived.

Then the dreaded tale reached the PC with the release of The Magic School Bus: The Video Game! And then one was released for the Sega Genesis!

Today only 3 channels show the Magic School Bus, but its legacy will live on as one of the most hated TV shows of all time.

The Legacy Lives On[edit]

The legacy of the addiction that crack and weed and even coffee don't amount to still lives on in a lonely underground classroom located in Ottawa, which is rumoured to be found in the far east reaches of Alaska, under what is claimed to be Australian territory. One child named Mike in this heathen of a school constantly states he should have stayed home and always refers to research that does not exist. Some people in the classroom find this humorous, as opposed to the Greg's constant anime addiction. (CAUTION: Anyone caught watching anime, crying in anime fashion, or even wearing something remotely close to an article worn on an anime show should be caught and burned for idiocy.) The Magic School Bus still lives on, but is it for the better? After all, building a robot out of a hat rack and a lampshade takes skill only seen on the Magic School Bus.

Tragedy Strikes The Cast[edit]

In the episode where the Bus falls inside the Earth, everyone but Arnold (dork) and Carlos Mencia (in his first acting job) were inside the bus. It was crushed by the Undersea Rolls of Fatness near the bottom. Sadly, they all died. The minds of children and George W. Bush were ruined. Little did the viewers know, Arnold and Carlos, while on the raft, were busy having hardcore sex. As a result of their sex, the entire cast was rebirthed (yes, even Mrs. Frizzle). People like Tom Brady and the entire New England Patriots team could prance around in joy again. However, in that same episode, the bus itself crushed everyone in the cast, after losing a three-way rap battle to a turkey sandwich and Chris Benoit. Again, Arnold and Mencia survived. After over 27 hours of filmed XXXXXX footage that was later posted on, the cast was created for yet a third time. Clemens was able to smoke pot and watch his show in peace. All was right within the world, until...

The Third and Final Murder of the Magic School Bus[edit]

Long after it's debut in the 1990's it's long awaited death just never came. Despite having strokes, heart attacks, and a brain transplant not to mention being diagnossed with aids the magic school bus continued to live. It was then at 5:00 am June 10th that one George W Bush decided that enough was enough and put out a death warrant for the magic bus. Screaming fans and worried custodians decided to hide the magic school bus in an attic away from the nazi's. Little did they know that NASA had just begun space weapon reasearch! The Death Star was now alive and in space. The Magic School bus took to the skies and turned into an X-Wing. Upon getting ready to fire Photon Torpedoes right at the heart of the death star, Homer J Simpson used a AK-47 and blasted the magic school bus straight to hell. Many attended the funeral. But as children everywhere began to mourn there was still hope. Prof Oak decided to remake the Magic School Bus as a Pokemon. When he was done the Bus then killed Oak and then flew into space. Very rarley the bus would be seen. But it still lives... a rumour.... a legend.... a prophecy? No One really knows. Only time will tell! But the Murder of the Magic School Bus is one of the most important events of the century!

Guest Apperances on The Magic School Bus[edit]

1. Hulk Hogan (Gets Baked into a Match)

2. Michael J Fox (Sounds and Nads)

3. Mario Lemieux (Canada's ice and climate)

4. George Bush (Get into politics)

5. Bill Nye (My shows better)

6. The Back Street Boys (Learns about bad singing)

7. Weird Al (The magic of laughter)

8. Miss Tear Rogers (Who?!)

9. Edge (The study of Theology)

10.Kobe Bryant (He raped the whole cast.)

Magic School Bus Museum and Hall of Fame[edit]

Bus flying over the city of Detroit. 8 Miles away from the museum

In Detroit there is a museum and Hall of Fame just for the magic school bus. It includes: Merchandise, Books, movies, games, etc. It also includes all of the cast plus a life size statue of the magic school bus. Founded in 2005 by Magic School Bus director Louis Griffin, the museum prospered into a very highly popular family vacation spot. The museum includes a hotel and is right by the beach. It's popularity is sooooo high it atracted more visitors then Disney World. The museum is so big it takes 66 days to get through it all. The most famous part of the museum is the I-Max featuring every episiode ever made on the big screen. Bill Gates tried to buy the museum off of Louis Griffin in 2006 and sold for 1 Billon Dollars. The hall of fame members include: Liz, Arnold, DA, Ralphie, and Wanda. The magic school bus museum will go down in history as the single most popular place to be in the world attracting over 128 fans a second.