Magick numbers (wooooo)

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Magick numbers (wooooo) are a subspecies of mathematics used to combat Rhuan. They were invented in 2006 by the witch Daryush in order to aid with his taming of Rhuan.

Note that magick numbers (wooooo) must have the (wooooo) attached to it, which must be held for a total of 5 beats. Waving the fingers as if casting a spell is also helpful.

Famous magick numbers (wooooo)[edit]

  • Σ, commonly mistaken for a function (summation), is actually the magick number (wooooo) siğma-oid, a Turkish (not Greek) number used to make every other value on the page ever equal to -0 (see later).
  • Ψ is a number that makes the value of everything on that page ever equal 0 and hence take up water by osmosis forever. (note this is different from -0 - -0 is smaller than itself, whereas +0 is bigger than itself).
  • Log also commonly confused for a function, is a magick number (wooooo) that can tell you the amount of deforestation the maths textbook you are reading from has caused. It is often misused by environmentalists.

A note about zero[edit]

0 is not the same as -0. This is shown by the formula:

0 - -0 = Log + Σ

if this is factorised:

0 (1 - -1) = Log + Σ

This can then be cancelled to:

1 - -1 + Lg + Σ

Other instances[edit]

In 2007, Rhuan mistakenly drew his axes wrong on a graph, replacing the x with the y, and drawing them right-to-left (which implied that 1 < -1. Daryush saw this and analysed this page with a EEG, which led to the creation of the newest magick number (wooooo). This takes the form ♄, after Saturn, Daryush's leading planet.

Much research has gone into discovering new magick numbers (wooooo) for anti-Rhuan purposes.