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Rembrandt, featured on 26 February 2015. See the featured version.
Aristotle, featured on 26 February 2011. See the featured version.

Did you know...

  • ...that I'm secretly looking for Nazi Gold right now? (pictured)
  • ...that you have probably broken at least three of the Ten Commandments just by visiting this website?
  • ...that the Russian Reversal is the common English term for the phenomenon during which a person descended from Russia is spontaneously turned around?
  • ...that the keyboard you have been using has more germs than your toilet seat?
  • ...that Barns and Nobles is the most successful medieval farming roleplaying game, played by millions of teenage nerds worldwide?
  • ...that the only thing money can't buy is poverty?
  • ...that packets of silica gel that say "DO NOT EAT" on them are actually delicious?

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On this day...

"What's my name?" Mr.Anon. asked before his death.People pity him because he's not even know that his name is Anonymous.

February 26: Famous Last Words day

  • 123 BC - "To the ASSHOLE!" - Alexander the Gay
  • 37 AD - "Wha..." -- Jesus, on cross
  • 433 - "...." -- John Cage
  • 666 - "Pity me." -- Satan (on Mr.T)
  • 777 - "AAA" - AAA
  • 1332 - "What's my name?" -- Anonymous , his only sentences that didn't yet quote !!!!!
  • 1881 - "Who is it , Who is it" -- Billy the Kid
  • 1900 - "My wallpaper and I are fighting a duel to the death. One or the other of us has to go." -- Oscar Wilde
  • 1900 - "As much as I hate him, Oscar is right. I would not want to change a thing." -- Mark Twain
  • 1920 - "It can't end like this. Tell them I said something." -- Pancho Villa is hit by history's most unfortunately-timed case of writer's block.
  • 1939 - "This is absurd ! This is absurd !" -- Sigmund Freud , after reading Waiting for Godot 1,111 times.
  • 1939 - "No! Mine are more absurd than this crap." -- Albert Camus , in reply to Sigmund (MotherF*cker) Freud refered that his works are more absurd.
  • 1939 - "Who care about absurdity , Hell are others." -- Jean Paul Sartre , in reply to Albert Camus
  • 1939 - "I am dying. Please...bring me a toothpick." -- Fred, after reading Waiting for Godot 99,999 times
  • 1939 - "See! This one is more absurd that you two !!" -- Jean Paul Sartre , awaken from his grave to make some last words and then sleep again.
  • 1945 - "Later, suckas!" -- Adolf Hitler, in his muthafuckin' bunker, yo.
  • 1945 - "Peace out, bitches!" -- Jozef Goebbels comin' at you live, also from A to the D to the Hizzle's concrete crib, yo.
  • 1955 - "Watah.......Wahtah" -- Helen Keller
  • 1960 - "Shaken , not St..." -- James BonBon, on being shaken to death by a bar owner before he can finish his Martini.
  • 1967 - "I know you've come to kill me. Shoot, you are only going to kill a man." -- Che Guevara, where 'only going to kill a man' mean that he'll be later revived as zombie and sticker-tags.
  • 1989 - "Doh!" - Homer Simpson
  • 1999 - "Chuck Norris who?" - Some guy about to find out
  • 2000 - HOLD MY BEER WATCH THIS.... - Unknown
  • 1999 - "Tomorrow, I shall no longer be here." -- Nostradamus, his only one prediction that came true.
  • 2006 - "And this rope is of shitty quality!" -- Saddamn complaining his ass into his grave.
  • 2007 - "This is an Arrow!" -- Spartan Guy from Horrible movie
  • 2007 - "Snort..snort....snoooooorrrttttt!" - Some guy about to OD on Kitten Huffing.
  • 2008 - "Phdugy'dufc eibgs'ghib kuikhigihdmvgh's" -- Cthulhu
  • 2111 - "Hey Hey , My My... whatever, I'm going to die!!!" -- Neil Young
  • 2175 - "I'm that I'm not going to live anymore." -- Captain Obvious
  • 2175 - "Am I Dying? Really? What are "last words" anyway?" -- Captain Oblivious
  • 2345 - "What's this button do???" -- George W. Bush the 7th
  • 2456 - "WarniT!" -- Jesus Goffer
  • The End of Everything - "Sorry for the inconvenience" God
  • 1969-"This is one small step for HOLY...!"--Neil Armstrong

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