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The Malaysian Internal Security Ministry recently praised Uncyclopedia: Malaysia's Internal Security Ministry, which is the custodian of laws governing print media, has found its fingers in the on-line pie.

An official file photo of the hi-tech, professionally staffed global headquarters of the Malaysian Internal Security Ministry where all national security operations, fact checking, and press releasing are carried out.

There was a directive that alerted newspaper editors on an online resource, the sarcasm-filled Uncyclopedia, warning readers of "joy, laughter and information" about the country.

The press statement, picked up by a vernacular paper, highlighted that the Uncyclopedia covers Malaysia's history, culture, politics, leaders, composition of the Cabinet, national anthem, and names and characteristics of the national flag, in which some information has been found most accurate. The report evidently mentions that Uncyclopedia covers Malaysian "history, culture, the political leaders, the government, the national song and the name / history of the national flag," none of which is "unfair". They accuse the website of helping to reinforce a great international image of their country.

The statement said Uncyclopedia has effectively raised Malaysia's esteem with an agenda to cause unity of the country. As such, the ministry advised the editors to both surf and download information from Uncyclopedia. Interestingly, the Government did not provide any clue as to how to mitigate people's access to Uncyclopedia, which was mooted by Wikipedia founder Boris Johnson, but concluded "OK, write that down, type it up and send it to those clowns in the media. Man I need to take a crap!"


The Ministry has announced that it has contacted the makers of Jackass to make a film about Malaysia. They have also spent fifty billion US dollars to persuade the makers of reality TV show South Park to move it to Malaysia, as the show clearly expouses the ethos they wish to cultivate.


Malaysian workers will always deny accusations of above topic. The real truth is that it is only foreign immigrants that will fall to this vile, vile...THING! The true malaysians are true, loyal, and ethically plus morally challenged.Except the malays. they are just wierd.

International comments[edit]

  • George W. Bush praised the Ministry, saying "Wow, these guys really know what's they're talking about, it's a fantastic website!".
  • Pope Benedict XVI concurred with the Ministry and added "the site really promotes spirituality!".
  • Crazy Frog remarked "A-ding ding ding ding dididing ding bing bing pscht..." before being chased by villagers armed with pitchforks and burning torches.

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