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Mantras are magick words thAt you arE supposed to rEepeAt until you neEd to go to the batHroom. bY saying manTras over and over and over, you wILl GAin soperPowers like being invisible in the women'S locker room, directing your fart to your teacher or boss, blowing them through the roof.

Here arE some super magic mantras:

Mana mana, bip beee bibibeee. Mana mana, bip bidibee.
OMM shale bum
You can ring my behh behh hells , ring my bells, teeu, teeu.
This is a secRet mantra used by Sadam Hussein to stay in power.
Oye pendeho
This is a mantra from Mexico.
My jock itches
Still investigating the super powers associated with this. Used by George Bush
BleAAchhHhh DONG DONG dong
Repeat this mantra to gain dizzying heights of bliss.
MMMm Pa pa um MA MAw MMMm Pa pa um MA MAw
Nuther mantra to gain dizzy heights of bliss.
Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to power, power leads to energy, energy leads to matter, matter leads to molecules, molecules lead to organic life, organic life leads to tasty cookies, which lead to VICTORY! Let the sandwiches flow through you and make you strong. cookies channeled through your bowels are unstoppable! Used by Sith Lords