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Manu Chao wearing a traditional mexican poncho during his famous tribute concert at Taco Bell in Chiapas

Manu Chao is the recently rediscovered owner of the Taco Bell Chihuahua (The Chihuahua Formerly Known As Taco Chao).

His current Position as King of the Bongo of Polaquia is somewhat surprising, since he had served as Secretary of the Mano Negra (roughly translated to Chief Punk Rock Officer) of Polaquia's Archnemesis, France, several years before being abducted by the EZLN (Ejército Zapatista de Liberación Nacional, roughly translated to National Free-Indigenous Liberators Association).

He was found in 1999 abandoned on a Taco Bell parking lot in Chiapas, Mexico and immediately crowned. Trading the Crown for a used guitar and a pair of bongos and the Philosophers Stone which is why he always looks like hes in his late 20s, he then started his musical career with the goal of becoming one of the most prolific and best selling Frenchmen ever to touch a guitar (second only to El Fary). He has tried to break into the American market but was unsuccessful due to the overwhelming number of uneducated masses that prefer Slipknot and Crunk rap music. He also has claimed to have lived in every country in the world which due to his eternal youth (and sadness)


Clandestino (released 2000/05/07)[edit]

  1. King of my Bongo
  2. Clandestino
  3. King of my Bongo
  4. King of my Bongo
  5. Clandestino
  6. King of my Bongo
  8. King of my Bongo
  9. The Bunghole-Song
  10. The Bongo-Song
  11. King of my Bongo (Extenden Verion)

Quatro Estaciones Esperanza (released 2000/05/99)[edit]

  1. King of my Bongo
  2. King of my Bongo II
  3. King of my Bongo (accoustic)
  4. Clandestino (Live at Chiapas Taco Bell)
  5. King of my Bongo
  6. Bing of my Kongo
  7. Bongo of my King
  8. Kingo of my Bong
  9. Bingo of my Bongo
  10. Kong of my Bingo
  11. King of my Bongo


"Are you threatening me? I AM CORNHOLIO!" (when found in Chiapas)

"I need T.P. for my bunghooooole. Bunghoooole!" (refering to Carod Rovira)

"The next song is from my new album. Its called King of my Bongo" (Live at Chiapas Taco Bell)

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