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Manuxos is a Spanish filmaker who had a celebrated career as director with his short film "Sorbete de Nata, de la más barata", an epic terror drama which involves a tasteless man and some kind of strange, but irrestible, cream.

Manuxo´s view of the natural spirit of a film is very similar to the conception of terror that others Spanish director have (like Alejandro Amenabar or Antonio Ozores) shocking the audience in every minute with an intelligent script. And including a dramatic climax never seen before since "The Six Sense".


  • Nominated for 3 Goyas, 4 Poyas, 1 Acamedy award (best special effects in a ping pong table) and 14 Grammys but never won.
  • His first film also starring himself in an intelligent cameo (in the way of Hitchcock appearances) as "Tasteless man, the one who doesn´t know the meaning of MIEDO and ESCRUPULOS".
  • Manuxos disappeared mysteriously after the release of his film, and is rumored that Spielberg was looking for him to remake 4 Japan terror films involving liquids creatures and a more visceral remake of "Chocolat" starring Churrumete, 400 tons of Nestle MilkyBar and a giant enema.
  • Some homeless man reported that he saw this obscure film creator recently working in a dirty Chinesse Restaurant, but that fact wasn´t verified since the moment we don´t like cat with sauce for lunch.
  • You can see the teaser of the film on Emule.