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Maradona is the greatest soccer player in the whole wide world, due to his amazing weight (400 pounds) and size (900 ft), unfortunately he became famous after his well known celebration of a goal in which he inhaled the entire court in just one second...

The saddest thing about Maradona is that he will always be compared with Pelé... even though we all know that Diego was the best at inhaling soccer courts, everyone knows they were boyfriends in the early 80's!, but aparently Pelé left him for a 15 year old boy from Felattio, Indiana. Maradona was devastated, so he started to consume cocaine... Unfortunately for his ex-woman, he's a real muscle man, so all the chicks are looking for him in every part of the world.

Famous Phrases[edit]

- "La pelota no se mancha" - D10S

- "Of course I've tasted his balls" - Oscar Wilde

- "He's not pretty!" - David Beckham

- "Sure he kept a whole nation on his feet while he was doing the best goal ever made in a World Cup... but I kept the whole f***ing world freezing by my stupidity" - George W. Bush

- "Maaaatt..... Daaammooonnnn......" - Matt Damon

- "Chocolicious" - Pelé

- "Te quiero dieg.... aggkkgg!" - Rodrigo

Diego's most beloved things[edit]

His daughters: Gianina, Dalma, Boca Juniors, and Drugs.