Marguerite Perrin

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“Bullshit Warrior.....”

~ Mr Perrin

Marguerite Perrin

Political Career[edit]

As of 2008 Perrin has been appointed Head of the Foundation for Human Rights and Religious Tolerance taking over from the outgoing Rudolf Hess. Later that same year the press released a story that Perrin held "a deep and uncontrollable dislike for Pagans". It was revealed that she had suffered greatly as a child when she only managed 2nd Place in an Uncle Fester Look-a-like Competition during a Halloween party in 1977.

Previous to her appointment Perrin ran for student council president at her alma mater Cow-Tipper High School in 1859 but was ousted at the last moment when it was discovered that she was had never actually attended the school and was instead home-schooled in the dank basement of the Jump Fer Jesus Trampoline and Bible Emporium.

In recent news, we've heard through the grape vine that she holds the highest record of being kicked out of an "all you can eat buffet" because she was just eating too much. In the most recent ban; The manager told her politely to pay extra as she was eating as much as a family of 6 normally would, then she went off in her infamous uproar about being a christian and was not only banned for consuming too much, but also for the disturbance and scaring of the children and elderly. Gluttony is a sin Ms. Perrin. Keep that in mind. Hallelujah!


Her daughter Ashley Perrin, 25, was driving on Interstate 55 in Ponchatoula, La.,when her minivan hit a guard rail. According to cops, Ashley "was ejected" from the vehicle and died at the scene, but the cause of the accident is unknown. Ashley leaves an 8-year-old daughter.

Poor 8 year old grand daughter is being left with a monster indeed. Poor poor child, may the lord and savior Jesus Christ himself save a little orphan as yourself!

No jokes here as even we have a heart.

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