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Mass transit is actually a shortened phrase for "mass trainsit". But since it has so many i's, an i was dropped. Basically, it means that trains sit in traffic and go nowhere. This happens when trains clog the highways and take forever to get off, and make super wide turns, sometimes taking hours to get off an onramp.

Other types[edit]

There are two other types of mass transit:

  1. Mass transit is when unionized transexuals stage a mass protest by sitting on their bums, called "mass transit". It is usually in protest for higher hourly wages and better benefits packages, as they often complain they have to deal with horrendous customer service. Benefits demanded including providing unemployment when off duty, and better health care.
  2. When everyone arrives at the train station dressed as nuns. They then proceed to have a "mass" in the train, praying for safe passage from terrorists, gropers, child abductors, venus fly traps and other forms of parasitic plant life.