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This article is about fishing (no, really - it is). For some other popular hobbies, see Masturbation (disambiguation).

Master bait is bait used to stimulate fish. This kind of bait is also used to trap fish in a net so they can be eaten by humans that motivate them to masturbate; hence the word pun.

The Dopefish will be fooled into eating master bait because he will think he is seeing Commander Keen; when he is trying to eat him. The oceans may be infested with the Dopefish seen in Commander Keen.

Industrial uses[edit]

Master bait is used a lot in the fishing industry. Alaskan sea men use master bait to capture tasty lobsters for people to submerge in butter for a better taste. Sea men make millions of dollars; just because they have the opportunity to masturbate while using their master bait. The essence is created from a particle called the "Master-Bait-ion," which move around in a repeating motion forward and backward until chemical synthesis.

Other meanings[edit]

  • People often find good sperm to fish out of their testicles.
  • Animals will end up with cut-up gums when they fall for the bait.
  • Stuff that sperm whales are sucked into.

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