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Hey Mello, do these goggles make my eyes look big?


~ Matt fangirl on Matt

“Why does he have to be gay for Mello?”

~ Oscar Wilde on Matt


~ Yet another Matt fangirl on Matt

“Ugh, for the last time, I'm not gay. For Christ sakes, I saw both Hal and Takada naked. I liked it, I LIKED IT!”

~ Mello on His sexuality

“Hey, come on now, since when did the Japanese police carry such big guns?”

~ Matt on The Kira police...or perhaps something else?

“He tries to be me, but he fails miserably at it.”

~ Reno on Matt's failed attempt to hide his wannabe Reno tendencies

“He makes hard working VG Nerds like me really feel ashamed of their job.”

~ The Angry Video Game Nerd on Matt's nerdy obsession for video games

Matt (Mail Jeevas) is Death Note's most popular character and Mello's friend/sidekick/lover(?). Despite having only appeared in the show for a total of two minutes and only 10 panels in the manga, Matt quickly became the show's most popular character in the eyes of the fans. This incredibly span of popular attention from limited screen time made Matt part of the Guinness Book of Records as the "most beloved minor character in 1-25 seconds", beating the then recently obtained record of That Guy by three full seconds. Fan girls like him for his looks, his fruity and tacky fashion sense (especially the fur jackets), and the distinct possibility that he might have been gay with Mello.

Early Life[edit]

Matt began life just the way most anime characters do: unnoticed and insignificant. He was orphaned at a young age at was taken in by Watari, owner of the Wammy House in London, England. Unlike L Lawliet or most of the other brainy nerds that lived there, Matt longed for a life of significance and importance. He wanted what many kids his age always wanted to do for all the days of their early lives: stay indoors and play video games all day.

Like many of the Wammy residents, Matt was told to possess a trait that made them unique (read: strange) to separate himself from the others. Seeing as L had already taken the monkey-style of sitting, insomnia, and candy obsession, Near had taken the love of Algebra and being cute, and Mello had taken the Willy Wonka-esque love for Chocolate and strange hairstyles, Matt was left with the typical skater/nerd/rocker wannabe look, complete with goggles, red hair, and tight clothing. You know, the style that would turn off normal girls not obsessed with anime or manga, like female gamers and literature geeks. For most of his childhood, Matt would hole himself up in his room playing Gameboy, old school Nintendo and Sega (like most VG nerds do), refusing to go outside whenever asked by Watari or any of the other residents.

Although video games began to completely own his life, Matt would here and there look outside his bedroom window and watch as the other residents would play baseball, football, paintball, or socialize via Tamagochi. As time began to pass, he began to long to actually possess emotions and talk to people (much like Squall from Final Fantasy VIII). In fact, Mello was the only person he ever was seen talking to. That was probably due to the fact that both of them were the weirdest kids in the institution and had a knack for kinky and girly outfits. So Matt turned to the one thing that could possibly teach him the social skills he needed for life - becoming a minor character in an anime.

Hilariously, the only skills watching anime ever gave him was the skill to talk smoothly in life or death situations, learn the Japanese language, and of course how to pick up his eventual addiction to cigarettes. He owed most of his habits to his anime idols, such as the assassinated late ninja Asuma Sarutobi, the perverted smooth talker (who says he is a monk) Miroku, and American gangster David Barksdale "Daisuke" Jigen. He also picked up a passion for goggles, dyed red hair and badass attitude from band leader Reno of "Reno and the Turks", a fact that he's ashamed of. He always uses his feared Electro-Mag Baton on any offender who mentions Matt in his presence. You have been warned.

Kira Investigation[edit]

Matt continued to hold himself up in his room in the institution for most of his teen years. Of course, when he learned that L had been killed at the hands of Kurabika "Kira" (Light Yagami), Matt was determined to avenge the detective. However, he just had to complete that last level of Super Mario Bros. 3 because, you know, video games come first of course.

Soon after, he received a phone call from Mello to join him in the Kira investigation. At first Matt refused, as he felt the outside world held little excitement or interest (poor kid, little did he know of the excitement and interest that women could provide him), but after Mello promised to buy him a Wii, Matt sprung off his bed, strapped on that fruity jacket of his and ran out of that door, overcoming his phobia for the outside world forever. For the next several weeks, Matt would join Mello in sitting around a studio apartment doing pretty much nothing he didn't do at the Wammy House. Thanks in most part to Mello's involvement in multiple Mafia related affairs (how did the Willy Wonka kid get a gig with the mafia?) and the fact he stole the Willy Wonka chocolate secret formula, the two would remain hidden from the outside world and make moves only when it was safe (or when Mello would visit Near, have a freak-out, and threaten him, to gain information).

Of course, considering Matt wasn't the social type and video games were his one true love, he found plenty to do in the studio apartment. He would play video games, strike Armstrong wannabe poses in front of a mirror, wear fruity outfits, and post multiple-angle camera shots of himself on MySpace, Yahoo Chat and Facebook. It should be noted that the latter acts would eventually pay off big-time. Little did the freakish little VG nerd know that his popularity was slowly but surely starting to grow. And to think, all he ever needed to do was absolutely nothing.

Big Moment and Death[edit]

Tch, I'm fucked now. And to think I could be playing Brawl right now.

Finally the day came when Matt's life would change forever. Whether he was stoned out of his mind or just plain reckless; Mello decided to kidnap Kiyomi Takada (Kira's college girlfriend, worshiper, sex slave and all-round boot-licker) and kill the little tramp. Matt refused, stating that he still had to finish unlocking all the characters in Super Smash Bros Brawl, but agreed when Mello promised to buy him the new MGS game.

Mello then presented Matt with an amazing red car to drive over to where Miss Takada was to make her appearance and cause a distraction. Mello then presented Matt with a smoke gun and the keys to the car. Matt of course didn't know how to drive a car or a gun, but Mello assured him it was as simple as playing Grand Theft Auto. Just the thought of performing the said actions of the controversial and violent game in real life filled Matt with excitement and utter recklessness. He immediately hopped in the car and drove off with his Mario Kart steering wheel. Later that afternoon, Matt arrived at the scene going 10 miles over the speed limit (like most Japanese people do) and fired his smoke gun into the crowd; causing a distraction for Mello to kidnap the Kira worshiping bitch. Matt then sped away from the scene to lead Takada's wacko guards away from Mello.

What followed was a scene so epic, that it made OJ Simpson and Handsome Rob car chases seem like child play. Matt sped through the streets of Japan whilst blasting J-pop music and with at least ten police cars following him. Matt understands that he has to stop in the name of the law, but for the first time in his life, he felt an excitement that his video games could never provide him with. Something that only he has acquired since Buddha days. Little did he know that the millions of fan girls he drove over (by mistake) that had occupied the streets that day for the official funeral of Jesus' second coming would have immediately got horny for him for his lack of consideration for the law.

What happened next was considered by thousands and thousands as to be the saddest moment in the entire series (besides the more emotional deaths of Light Yagami, L Lawliet, Mello, Naomi Misora, and Ray Penber). Matt was left surrounded by cops. He exited his car and gave his now famous “Japanese have big guns” speech and prepared to give himself in. However, the Kira supporters thought “Screw it.” and shot him many, many times. With his car lined with thousands of holes and Matt himself given plentiful new breathing holes, he fell backwards to the ground dead. His last recorded words were “You stained my brand new fur coat, you bastards!” although witnesses say they were “UGH!”


Hmm, Matt sure luvs dem big guns, heh-hyuk-hyuk. Hmm, maybe those guys will wanna talk...
Oops, looks like they weren't in the mood for talking.

Matt’s death shocked the Death Note world. Thousands of fangirls across the globe wept for their nerdy heartthrob. Their pain was intensified when they learned of the death of Mello (aka Mihael Keehl) at the hands of that bitch Takada (also known as Sakura Haruno). In the hours following the incident, the ones responsible for Matt’s death were all brutally killed during a big fangirl riot. The rioters planned to kill Takada as well, but luckily for them, the egotistical, woman-abusing, evil college student-with-God-complex Light Yagami (a.k.a. Kira) took the liberty doing so personally. This turned out to be the only good thing that Light 'imagaY' ever did in life.

Matt and Mello were both given burials by their army of fan girls. Of course, shortly after, their clothing was subjected to a massive argument over who would own the fruity outfits. Matt’s car was later sold to the Ghetto Car Museum in Detroit and his goggles made their way onto EBay where they sold for the hefty price of $2.99 to Digimon snorker Yagami Taichi. Wait, Yagami...?!

To this day, many casual anime fans remain confused as to why Matt had any fans. Despite the fact that he appeared in both the anime and manga for under a minute, he is worshiped by so many - many more people than Kira could ever hope to gather for himself. Then again, many normal people wonder why anybody would sympathize with a Japanese college student who has little understanding of the real world, suffers from Shakespeare complex and kills criminals and politicians with a notebook whilst thinking it’s his duty. Apart from God himself.

Of course, many regard Matt as the Death Note version of Star Wars demi-God and infamous bounty hunter, Boba Fett. Fett also didn’t appear for too long in the saga he was a part of, but is far more popular than anybody from the rest of the series. With Boba’s case however, it was something completely different. He wears awesome armor, possesses an interesting back story, is vital to the plot of the overall story, and... oh, and he doesn’t die. Still, to this very day, Matt has set the epitome for what every VG nerd and Hardcore Gamer hope to achieve one day. Many believe that he started the trend for wearing goggles in public, a fact that Reno is very pissed about. You have been warned.

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