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Maybe kinda-sorta logic forms an integral part of the three-part 'trit' as used in a magnoetrophic-reflector developed by Microsoft.

The MKS was formed when the engineering unit at MS came to realise the limitations of slavishly subscribing to the currently accepted logical model of cause-and-effect. In adhering to these principles, the engineers had forgotten that the dichotomous value-system was merely relative, and thus the on/off switch was representative of the black/white thinking processes of the human race.

In coming to the central realisation relevant to existentialism, that the objective is really subjective, they acknowledged the possibility of the unknown parameter, and thus transcended the limitations.

Using a Trioptic-laser assembly watt telemeter (TAWT) they can create a field of improbability on the surface of any physical object. This improbability field allows for data that is neither on nor off to be written to traditional magnetic media as well as sometimes opening up a portal to Hell.

Scientists believe that the trit can be used to aid in the generation of a fully autonomous Artificial Intelligence.

Also some scientists are stupid, geeky and have not been laid in years, which makes them secretly come up with ways in which to open a portal into the netherworlds to slay those who are more successful at not not-having sex.