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Meccrushalem (Pop. 6,666,666) is the holy capital of Djibouti and the holy city of Juslim. Founded in 1624 by a group of disgruntled mudbloods (Muslim-Jews), Meccrushalem has prospered into one of the chief economic powerhouses in the world and has raised Djibouti's GDP tenfold. Ever since its founding, the city has become a haven for thousands of political and religious heretics and is now known for its condom and women's hygiene industries. Trojan Africa is based in Meccrushalem, and as of 2005, the company has sold five condoms in the continent.

Meccrushalem's history has been one of controversy and animosity. As Meccrushalem has been known a melting pot, many famous eugenicists and total psychopaths have made Meccrushalem their base operations. Most eminent of these crazies is Heinrich Eichemann-Hitler, the illegitimate of son of Adolf Hitler and Adolf Eichemann (they were both closet homosexuals), who attempted to cleanse the city of Juslims in 1957 but slipped on a banana during a rally in Martyrs' Square which led to an untimely death. After Eichemann-Hitler's death, Meccrushalans became more vigilant and now stone those accused of seditious speech.

Currently the government of Meccrushalem is in disarray. Schlomo Akbar Al-Rosenberg, the leader of the city who has been in power since 1973, is currently facing a scandal and charges of corruption. His adversaries accuse him of paying off two men to burn the Holy Korah of Juslim which has caused widespread havoc throughout the city.

One of the main threats to Meccrushalem is the ensuing Coopact Wars. Recently, the governments of Israel and Saudi Arabia have decided to attack Meccrushalem if it does not sign the Juslim-Jewish-Muslim Pact by November 1, 2005.

Meccrushalem's justice system has been a point of contention ever since the city forbade taxes. To raise revenue, the government has adhered to the Death Penalty Entertainment Treatise which advocates raising funds through uses of ancient methods of capital punishment. Currently, the Coliseum of Meccrushalem raises thousands of Beck albums (Djibouti's currency) a year through its weekly battles to the death (Every Sunday beginning at 9 AM).