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This is an article about the city Megatokyo. You internet nerds might be looking for Megatokyo, the webcomic.
A sign in Megatokyo, stating the blindingly obvious

Megatokyo is the largest city in Japan, double the size of Tokyo (hence the name). Megatokyo was setup after World War II to host the large number of people displaced by the war. Megatokyo has now grown into a large cultural spot in Japan, and is world renowned for it’s large number of video game and manga stores. It has also produced many famous artists and voice actors, like Fred Gallagher and Hayasaka Erika.


A map of Megatokyo. One may notice that it is double the size of Toyko

Megatokyo was originally an aid station set up by American Marines after World War II to help many people displaced by the war. The name came from American reporter who commented “…the number of people at the station double the amount of people living in Tokyo. It’s like a Megatokyo!”

With it originally being the base of war victims, many of these people refused to leave and therefore the city was founded. The first official building was set up by Marine Rodney “Largo” Caston set up a small saki and alcohol bar, but sadly, this was burnt down by a pyromaniac, who the police only referred to as “Piro” in 2000. The city then grew with many small businesses were set up, many of them specialising in technology and artwork.

Megatokyo became famous in the 1960’s, when Megatokyo was known worldwide as a “Goth city” when Mayor Tohya Miho was elected, and overdid the city with dark overtones. This has led to Megatokyo having world renowned architecture, which is very unique. This also led to a boom in tourism with many people coming to investigate the city. In 1963, Ms Miho led a large overhall of the Megatokyo Cab Service, making them into a lizard gimmicky theme, calling them “Rent-A-Zilla”. This is still one of the many themed services in Megatokyo.

In 1993, controversial mayor, Dom Nguyen was assassinated by the “Tokyo Cataclysm Division”, a special force of the Toyko Police Force. Dom was not well liked by the Japanese government at the time and spoke out against Prime Minister Miyazawa Kiichi. This led to a rush election, which Kiichi lost. This also sparked furious debate in Megatokyo to where the power of the government ended and where the power of the city began. In response, Megatokyo set up the “Sony Special Forces” and the “Sega Black Operations”, both special forces of the Megatokyo Police Department. Many of these famous debates took place in a shopping strip in the centre of Megatokyo, a place nicknamed “The Megatokyo Forum”. Many people were famously arrested and banned from the area for rowdy, unlawful behaviour.

Today, Megatokyo stands as the pride of Japan.


One of the many famous Megatokyo ads, featuring Boo

Megatokyo has recently started a large tourism campaign, with the new mascot of the city, Boo. These ads have led to some praise for their simplicity and some criticism for their lack of colour. Mayor Zennishi Oomori claimed that the ads were a lot cheaper to make in black and white then in colour and have been extremely effective. A part of this campaign has been the Megatokyo webcomic, which was viewed as good advertising to be aimed at American otaku perverts. Its author, Fred Gallagher, has had a nefarious past, having been the owner of the failed hentai manga venture Fredart and is believed to be somehow connected to the aforementioned mysterious firebrand "Piro".

Mayors of Megatokyo[edit]

  • 1951 - 1960: Hashi Shirozawa
  • 1960 - 1970: Tohya Miho
  • 1970 - 1974: Zaki Furuoo
  • 1974 - 1976: Toku Ginkami
  • 1976 - 1984: Hashi Zensa
  • 1984 - 1990: Kenkuchi Wahara
  • 1990 - 1993: Dom Nguyen
  • 1993 - 1998: Motohana Fujiki
  • 1998 - 2002: Ken Kurofuji
  • 2002 - current: Zennishi Oomori

Famous People Born in Megatokyo[edit]