Melty Blood

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Melty Blood

"Melty Blood - Box Art"

Developers Ecoli, Type-Moon
Manufactured in China, duh, everything is.
Release Date 1998
Genre 4D Fighting Game
Formats PC, Xbox 369, PS3, Gameboy Color
Will <insert name here> be a playable character? In a later release, yes.
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Melty Blood (メルティブラッド, Meruti Buraddo)is a doujin 4D Fighting Game based on the story of the original Olfactoral Novel, Tsukihime. It is currently the only game of its genre, being based on a novel, instead of an anime, which really gave this franchise its push for the market. It is shortened as simply Merubura (Melt Bra)


Warning! This Article contains spoilers!

As a sort of a sequel to Tsukihime, the events follow after that of the original Olfactoral novel. Certain unexplainable events were sweeping again around town as a series of disappearances, rumored murders (some were said to be likely cause by bears), Ashlee Simpson singing live, and many unreported cases of various animals, not only limited to kittens, getting huffed. Arcueid, through some plot Deus ex Machina called Immortality, returns again, with a new target. This also gives the fan community the promise of yet another ShikiXArcueid moments, as if at least 4 weren't enough from the Olfactoral Novel.

More unexplained phenomena, possibly caused by vampires.

Shiki meets with yet another girl in a mini-skirt, named Sion Eltnam Atlasia, a scholar from Xavier Atlas School in Disneyland Egypt. She seemed to be a nice, beautiful, strange exotic, cocky, bitchy, troublesome, and intelligent(unfortunately for Shiki) bitchgirl, who just screamed for help (metaphorically... and literally... but that'll be discussed somewhat later on).

Sion was searching cause of the mysterious events that were occurring in the town, such as disappearances, inexplicable murders, tap water turning into blood, Mr. T singing Jazz. Hoping that this might lead her to the grue that turned her into one of its kind.

The events of the story revolve around the investigation of the phenomenon, "Blood is Thicker than Water", or shortened to simply Buradoischikazanwata. It was said that Blood is Thicker than Water was the one that caused blood to be melty. From it descended the race of vampires, that's why they fear water and have no reflections, because they are caused by Blood is Thicker than Water. They fear that their blood will become melty and spill out of their bodies.

In the end, Arcueid was able to defeat Blood is Thicker than Water by giving it definite shape using a chemical that is even more lethal to vampires than water. This chemical was known only as Dihydrogen Monoxide, but was given no detailed information during the story about as to what it was. Other explanations of this blessing of a mineral was that it was the traces of the remains of Hitlerbear when he fought Jesuszilla back during the age of mythical creatures like elves, dwarves and morality.


Being a 4D fighting game, Melty Blood enjoys a certain amount of liberty when it comes to its fighting system. It uses overhauled Guilty Gear aspects such as Just Defend and Bursts and translates them into its 4D environment.

What's 4D, you ask? You little bundle of joy, you. Unlike the overrated 3D environment, 4D gives the gamers a step closer into reality by providing not only three dimensions of vision, but also letting the gamers smell the action going on! When the fight lingers on, the characters that the player chooses will become sweaty, and the player will smell it likewise.

What we all must understand: Game production is a cut-throat business.(but is not limited to it)

Besides that new awesome feature that will surely be sought after by those hardcore fans everywhere, more casual gamers will find it hard not not to not enjoy the simplified fighting system that has become trademark for many 2D to 3D and now, 4D, fighting games since the creation of Celebrity Bible Characters Deathmatch for the Famicom, back in 1986. Surely, all of the gamers that give this game a try will inevitably find a piece of them get huffed, stuffed in a freezer, get its guts ripped out, eaten, spat back out, get fed to a bear and be covered with unusually sticky, white goo, breathe its last pathetic breaths and die, and then something else, born.

One of the lower moments of the cast. Alcoholism, Drug-abuse and coupons for steroids.

Of course, one can never really appreciate a fighting game if not for its characters, and, as a Japanese made game, this game features a host of female characters to play, each, with their own storylines and personalities. But be this as it may, the game also enjoys a good variety of characters in its roster. One may be ever so comfortable handling a psychotic maniac who is a vampire who's lust for blood can only be matched by that of Dracula or Tom Cruise. One may also find delight in playing a man named Bear, or A bear. Maybe you'll buy this game just because of the sheer number of female characters wearing mini-skirts. Whatever your fetishes lusts interests, these is enough variety here to please a Hobo to a Homo.

On the sides, while lounging around in your house, while playing with your friends, who one-by-one die of 15000 volt shocks after being beaten senseless by an overpowered character, a gamer can sit a while, hold the burnt carcassbody of your friend and gaze at the beautifully rendered backdrop of the 4D world that you are killing yourselves in. Who knows? Maybe if you fall over is arena, there may just be something interesting waiting for you... Go on. Take the plunge...

Character Roster[edit]

Here is a list of characters with a detailed description for each.

Note: Even though it's wildly speculated that Oscar Wilde was to be a character, and in fact, it went as far as to have its own screenshots, Neither Ecoli nor Type-Moon has confirmed this.(nor unconfirmed this, so it may be)

Shiki Tohno[edit]

Shiki Tohno (遠野 志貴, Tōno Shiki)is the stereotypical protagonist main character of just about any anime there is: A teenage student(though being a student is optional), has problems with girls, but either way is, for some confounding reason, sought after by girls anyway, somewhat geeky(or any form of un-coolness), who, as if he was chosen in a random poll at Caesar's Palace, was given weird powers he doesn't know(or remember), which he will unlock in the most convenient of times... Oh yeah, and kisses the leading girl(and for the age restricted, does it with her).

Shiki and Arcueid, in a garden party. Visible in the background are Ciel and oh, did Yumizuka color her hair blond?

Back in Tsukihime, Shiki is a random, sickly student, when one sees him(if he is in any way noticeable, at that point), in a random school. Suddenly he goes off to randomly kill a hot chick. This flails him into the main character role. It was rumored that if he had not done this, some guy named Inui would have taken the lead spot... Don't know him, though.

Shiki always carries with him a blunt Swiss knife, because he likes pie. He is usually found in the park, taking a mid-day stroll, then suddenly get the urge to pee, then steal pie from unwary picnickers. Along the pathway to main-characterdom, he finds this as the ultimate weapon, three times more powerful than Shooping-da-whoop, as it makes things that Shiki stab with it, asplode. This is, of course, with the help of his laser designator eyes. Contrary to popular belief, his eyes don't do the cutting, unlike eye beams.

It is widely rumored that Shiki Tohno, if he was not adopted by the Tohno family, would have developed uncontrollable sandwich fetishes, as well as an uncontrollable desire for lolitas and 800 year old women. Oh, wait. He did?

It was also rumored that Shiki's anemia allowed him to break down in the most convenient times, which he used to fall into various female characters' breasts. It was either that, or he was just being true to his insticts.

Shiki Nanaya[edit]

Shiki Nanaya helping himself to a pedo sandwich. That mustard doesn't smell and taste right.

Shiki Nanaya is the beholder of cake. Nanaya must not be confused with Shiki Tohno, because he is not in any way related to that man. In fact, in relativity, Nanaya is the complete opposite of Shiki Tohno. He's slick with the girls, respected by his friends and he sleeps with different girls, not his sister. Shiki Nanaya is a ruthless assassin that kills his victims silently and eats their children right after. This was because Shiki Nanaya blood was mixed with grue blood, which was cause by ingestion of a part of Blood is Thicker than Water's physical mutation.

In the story, Shiki Nanaya, being the main focal point, killed the Arima Side of the Tohno family, and ate Miyako and Len, who was coming to visit. His tragic and untimely death was when he visited a branch of Starbucks in the area and ordered the Frappuccino.

Shiki Nanaya had an unexplained banana fetish.

Arcueid Brunestud[edit]

It is a little-known fact that Arcueid is a fan of daytime soap operas.

Name, possibly derived from a German Archetype, Arcueid Brunestud (アルクェイド・ブリュンスタッド, Arukueido Buryunsutaddo) is the descendant of the Vampire King of the Vampire Race of Vampire, Crimson Moon Brunestud, otherwise called "Type Moon Brunestud". The etymology of the alias is yet to be understood and discovered.

Arcueid, having soup with Ciel

Called by many as the White Princess, Arcueid is the main character of Melty Blood, thus, most if not all events revolve around her. This was shown in literal form in the opening of the anime wherein the camera would revolve around her again and again, till she puked. The latter part was of course, cut.

Being a vampire, and a descendant of the quasi-Gods of this franchise, she's relatively immortal, and very much immoral thus, she was repeatedly killed during the course of the Olfactoral Novel. In Melty Blood, her new target, the phenom, the Undertaker and the phenomenon, Night of Warachia.

Marble Phantasm, which seems to be an ordinary marble, looks like an ordinary marble, feels like an ordinary marble, is an ordinary marble, is used by Arcueid to change reality and effectively make things appear from out of nowhere, like a marble.

Akiha Tohno[edit]

An artist's impression of the person who cremated his otherwise healty, sporty, religious, hunk of a brother on sunny Saturday.

Akiha Tohno (遠野 秋葉, Tōno Akiha) is the instinctive, at times gullible, strict, but kind, gentle, but harsh, caring and reckless younger sister of Shiki and Shiki. Shiki had his early childhood with her and he's convinced her that he's her real brother, but actually, Shiki is her real brother, and not Shiki. Unfortunately, Shiki was then stabbed to near-death by Shiki when they were playing tag one day, so Akiha bonded her life with Shiki's, making Shiki suffer from anemia, but curing him of death. Due to this incident, Shiki's father, who adopted Shiki as a bastard son for some reason, decided to lock Shiki in an underground prison, which Shiki was able to get out of, as he was able to surprisingly fool Akiha. From then on, Shiki was sent to live with his cousin, Miyako Arima and her family, while Shiki roamed freely as his form of Roa began to take shape. When Akiha's father died, she hurriedly made Shiki to come back home, and from that, all hell breaks loose.

As the main character of Tsukihime, her story roams as she tries to find Shiki, who was also being pursued by Shiki, Arcueid, and Ciel. As the heroine protagonist in Melty Blood, she spends most of the story drinking tea. Also, as her main character role in the Anime rendition of Tsukihime goes, she seems to spend the day being breast fed by Kohaku.

In the game, she mostly uses her hair as a method of attack, as it streams a continuous beam of mega particles around it, shaped inside a layer of resistive I - field particles, when she gets excited. This effectively makes her hair into mini beam sabers that can cut through anything, even at low output, thanks to a Helium 3 engine that powers them.

It is a well known fact that Akiha has concerns about her flat chestedness. She once tried to get breasts implants, but after her surgery took place, her hair cut the doctor's arms in half. She was then imprisoned for three years, after which, he breasts had shrunk again.


Ciel (シエル, Shieru) is a dark girl with a deep past, but since you can't see that when you look at her cheerful, remarkably nice, down to Earth attitude, you're quite guaranteed with yourself that she is the main character. Ciel, seemingly a normal Japanese student with a foreign name,(in the Olfactoral Novel, Tsukihime), is actually a church spy, tasked to hunt down vampires called Dead Apostles who continue to make vampires out of normal people so they can one day retake the world. But since you don't know that, she is just a friend to Shiki(because she was hunting down the host of Michael Roa Vadamjong during the Olfactory Novel, who happens to be Shiki's brother.)


The text above contained spoilers!! Oh, wait. You already know? Well, that's a relief.

The night that Ciel met Arnold Schwarzenegger, she took him out for some tea

In the game, Melty Blood, her main weapons are Black Keys, which are transmogrified keys to her house, one being for the main door, one for the back door and a spare copy of it, the bathroom, the living room and her bedroom. She usually throws these around, so she often loses them and then, she's forced to sleep outside. This was, coincidentally how she met Arnold Schwarzenegger, who gave her his minigun, which she modified to include a bayonet, and from thereon called "Seventh Holy Scripture". This leads to the speculation that Arnold Schwarzenegger may be the host of the second coming of Jesus, or is God Himself.

Many fans of Tsukihime are brought about by being fanboys of Ciel. Many of which are psychotic cunts who'd rather watch a fictional anime character have sex with a guy that is much, much more hopeless than them, while excreting puss all over their chair/bed. Others are just in it for her glasses... Useless moron cunts...

Sion Elatnam Atlasia[edit]

Oops! Were you looking for the Republic of Zeon? Oh, you bundle of joy, you.

The Etherlight is a very deadly weapon.

Sion Eltnam Atlasia (シオン・エルトナム・アトラシア, Shion Erutonamu Atorashia) was a scholar of Oxford University, studying for a Master's Degree in Philosophy and Mathematical Calculus at age 12, and finished it by her next birthday. After then, she transferred to Xavier Atlas University where she quickly became a top student and high official of. It has been speculated before that this was caused by an Etherlight, which was a low calorie substitute for Ether, but was still a potent mind control device, which was given to her one snowy Christmas Night. The source of which was confirmed by the character designer as he read a passage of his proposed storyline:

“One snowy evening, as a bump was hard on the roof. Little Sion got up and went down to the living room. There, she saw a large, no, humongous man all dressed in red. He burped and he farted. He even threw up all over the carpet. With a big slam, he fell on the floor. "The poor man", said Sion, as she examined him closer, smelling the stench of second hand smoke and the odor of cheap alcohol. A shiny object fell off of his bag and Sion took it. From then on, she called it her "Precious". ”

~ Creative Designer on Etherlight's discovery

She is the main character of Melty Blood. Her search for a way to revert into becoming a true human rather than a grue-human hybrid is highlighted among the rest of the story paths, meaning, finding the grue that bit her in that first place. In the end, that same grue eats her head.

Her main method of attack is to attach the Etherlight to her opponent's head and force them to kneel down, on all fours as she whips their asses and forces them into a sexual frenzy, thus giving them a deadly orgasm. This can otherwise happen to Sion as well. Besides that, however, she also has a big gun which is a h4x weapon, which she got from Elrond when she got lost in the park, one day.


That's Hisui to the right and Kohaku to the left. Oh, wait... that's...

Hisui(翡翠, Hisui, lit. jade, corresponding to her eye color) is one of Akiha's maids. She is the twin sister of Kohaku and are co-main characters of the story. Hisui is the complete opposite of her twin sister, being silent and devoted. In their childhood, though, they had the opposite personalities than they have at present.

In the game, Hisui's main weapons are the picnic blanket and water bucket. Oh, also the kitchen table, encyclopedias, jars, expensive jars, books, chairs, whisks, spatulas, and other household items. However, when she was young, Hisui was more fond of using the mop and hidden katana. Oh, also animated cacti, the fire blowing plant from Super Mario Brothers, planted evergreen trees, molotov cocktails, a medicine dropper and other alchemy items.


That's Kohaku to the left and Hisui to the right. Oh, wait... that's...

Kohaku(琥珀, Kohaku, lit. amber, corresponding to her eye color) is one of Akiha's maids. She is the twin sister of Hisui and are co-main characters of the story. Kohaku is the complete opposite of her twin sister, being expressive and brooding. In their childhood, though, they had the opposite personalities than they have at present.

In the game, Kohaku's main weapons are the mop and hidden katana. Oh, also animated cacti, the fire blowing plant from Super Mario Brothers, planted evergreen trees, molotov cocktails, a medicine dropper and other alchemy items. However, when she was young, Kohaku was more fond of using the picnic blanket and water bucket. Oh, also the kitchen table, encyclopedias, jars, expensive jars, books, chairs, whisks, spatulas, and other household items.

Nvrnqsr Chaos[edit]

The man that slaughtered countless Christians... is now out to kill one vampire

Nvrnqsr/Nero Chaos (?????, Embiaenkiuesua/Nero Kaosu) is the main antagonist of Melty Blood. He used to be a renowned emperor of a modern day landfill, that ordered the righteous slaughter of Christians of the act of breaking bread, which was outlawed as it feeds more people than one loaf should. Unfortunately, his Legions also killed 666 different types of animals and the forces of Feng Shui imploded his body, mixing it with all 666 animal carcasses,making him into a meat salad. The variety of poisonous snakes that were part of that made his body skin gray, as it destroyed his cells' ability to produce melanin. His head remained in good color because there were quite enough species of fish that were mixed into him for a steady stream of Vitamin D, but it was not enough to power his whole body, though.

In the timeline of Melty Blood and the Olfactoral Novel, Tsukihime, Nero tries to assassinate Arcueid, but is defeated by Shiki. Another Chapter of the Olfactoral Novel depicts his training montage, for a future final battle with Shiki.


If you look closely enough, you might see "You gonna get raped"

Len(??, Ren) is a succubus familiar, who is in relative terms, black, because of the existence of White Len. She is constantly abused by White Len, not being able to share equal rights with her, being labeled, "of inferior power" to her. Moreover, White Len always beats her down for the slightest folly she commits, brutally. This caused Len to be anti-social in that she never speaks anymore and that she always spends time alone. This was cured, though when she met Arcueid who released he from the restraints of the social shackles that White Len placed on her. From then on, she found a new white master, Arcueid, to whose boyfriend she gives erotic dreams every Tuesday.

This background on dreams gave Len such power that trapped Shiki in an unending dream in the Sequel Olfactoral Novel to Tsukihime, Kagetsu Tohya, in which, she was the main character of.

In Melty Blood, this dream shifting power is once again put into the spotlight, as her Arc-Drive move finishes off her opponent in an unending erotic dream, which drains all their energy, instantly incapacitating them from fighting. In the 4D manner of the game, this makes the player smell... unusual things.

In addition to that, Len has the power to turn into a black kitten, which led her to be huffed by Blood is Thicker than Water in Kagetsu Tohya

Miyako Arima[edit]

Jackie Chan and Miyako Arima, starring in Rush Hour 3

Miyako Arima is Shiki's cousin in the Arima branch of their family. She is an expert in shaolin Kung Fu and Karate, and was seen, in many occasions, beat the living daylights out of many of the other supporting characters, as Miyako Arima is indeed the main character of Melty Blood, though her name was merely mentioned as a setting in Tsukihime. She is very much attracted to Shiki, but when she tries to speak to him, she tackles him violently, followed with a couple of stomps to the abdomen and runs away, leaving Shiki with mere severe concussions and a broken rib or six.

In the game, her lighting fast attack rushes make your opponents hide in their turtle shells. And in the case of non-turtle opponents, they grow a shell first.

Kishima Kouma[edit]

Kouma carrying his companion.

Kishima Kouma's (trans. unknown. possibly pedo bear) long lost rival is Nanaya Shiki, but the storyline doesn't fit him well in Tsukihime, but he is the main character in both Kagetsu Tohya and Melty Blood. He is the post-modern day cyclops, having only one eye that was said to be able to shoot eye beams, but it can be argued that they are just designator beams, in parallel to Shiki's ability.

He is referred to, be many players as the "cavalry" due to his intense damage dealing/absorbing style of fighting in the game. His attacks consist mainly of those that parody the God Gundam's Burning Finger, only, he's a bear.

Night of Warachia[edit]

It was said that the phenomenon Night of Warachia caused this vandalism. Authorities say, "Ughhh..."

Night of Warachia (Warachia no Yoru) is alchemist and madman Zepia Eltnam Oberon turned phenomenon. Along with his friend, the Undertaker, they researched tirelessly day and night on the source and end of life, trying to find the soils of immortality in between, until it had driven them both into madness... One experiment, however, did work, as Zepia killed Undertaker and, in three days, he rose again from the dead, and he has seated at the right hand of Zepia. This was, however flawed, as the Undertaker can still die, thus, decreasing his title from Phenomenon to merely phenom. The last experiment, however, was successful. Zepia only had to sleep with the daughter of Satan, to perform the miracle, The Sixth. Unfortunately, Satan found out and turned Zepia into a phenomenon by making him into a TATARI. (a Japanese straw mat used to line the floors of houses)

Night of Warachia is the main antagonist in Melty Blood, because Tsukihime occurred a year before the events of Melty Blood.

Blood is Thicker Than Water[edit]

Phenomena taking place around Blood is Thicker than Water. Unnerving.

Blood is Thicker than Water (Buradoischikazanwata) is the parent phenomenon of all vampires and grues. It has no timeline as to how it came to be and when our team stopped by to the Character Designer's office for a second time, he was hanging from the ceiling. All we know is that his strengths include an innate ability to huff kittens in the mere sight of eye (an attack which nearly killed Len)., And it cause extra physical events around it to happen, like blood to float on water.

Blood is Thicker than Water is the main antagonist of the Tsukihime to the Kagetsu Tohya Olfactoral Novels, perfectly manipulating events that took place. In the end, even he was no match for the power of the substance that can only be called Dihydrogen Monoxide.

Though it was rumored that Blood is Thicker than Water was the one that bit Sion and turned her into a grue-human (gruman) hybrid, it must be cleared that Blood is Thicker than Water is a phenomenon that has no shape, thus it must have no fangs. It is thus given that one of it's grue spwans must have been the culprit.

<insert name here>[edit]

Yes, <insert name here>. Though <insert name here> has not been released as a character in previous Melty Blood games, it has been confirmed that <insert name here> will, in fact, be appearing in a future installment of Melty Blood.

It would be interesting to find new information on this new, exciting character, but the Character Designer just hanged himself. What we do know, for now, is that <insert name here> will be an upper tier character, meaning that it ranks as above average when compared to other characters.

Some writers are even considering giving <insert name here> a main character role in the next upcoming installment of Melty Blood. Those are, unfortunately, still unconfirmed rumors.

Satsuki Yumikuda[edit]

Never trust the cake. Let this be a lesson.

Satsuki Yumizuka (弓塚 さつき, Yumizuka Satsuki) was supposed to be the main character of Tsukihime, but the spot was bought off by a hopeless, geeky, wimpy, oblivious, horny, necrophilic, incestive, virgin rapist. The producers reasoned that it was the "in" thing.

This was, however, given justice as Yumizuka was given the main title role for the sequel of Kagetsu Tohya and the Tsukihime PLUS+INHALER, an alternate version of the original Olfactoral Novel, Tsukihime. Many fanboys look up to her, and wish that one day she'd have an actual ending, because she was merely ripped apart in both Tsukihime PLUS+INHALER and Kagetsu Tohya before the ending credits. It would have been foreseen, though as the Tsukihime PLUS+INHALER was said to have been in the fictional tragedy genre, thus, one would expect the main character to die, sooner or later.

Yumizuka is a silent, lovely, cheerful, contemplative, ego-maniacal, sadomasochistic and murderous. Thus, she is well liked in both the Otaku Community and the Axis of Evil. And in Melty Blood, her charming willfulness to kill inspires many Jihadists and Tom Cruise fans. This is demonstrated in her Arc-Drive (finishing) move, wherein she grabs the opponent's breasts and crushes it. In the case of male opponents, though, Yumizuka fanboys claim that she's simply grabbing their heart, save for the character, Kouma, because Yumizuka just crushes his man boobs instead.

Arihiko Inui[edit]

Arihiko Inui (乾 有彦, Inui Arihiko) umm... who is this guy...? Many argue that he's the main character, though.

Aoko Aozaki[edit]

People ask her, why is she so blue? She's probably blue because she's the last character in the roster, even after <insert name here>. But being blue should not be the case as Aoko Aozaki (蒼崎青子, Aozaki Aoko, lit. Blue, Blue)is mentioned as main character for last.

Aoko is a teacher at Xavier Atlas University, after she worked as a mage back in Hogwarts, where she taught Human Biology and Eye Beaming. One of her more notable students from Hogwarts was Scott Summers, who graduated as a Magna cum Laude with a Master's Degree in Eye Beaming. Four years after Scott Summers graduated, Aoko Aozaki tranferred to Xavier Atlas University. In Xavier Atlas University, Aoko was met by fate as she then worked again with Scott, but not as a teacher, but as a co-faculty member.

One of Aoko's students, beware his eye beams. Also said to be the one that was bitten by Sion.

In Xavier Atlas University, Aoko met one of her most passionate students yet, Sion Eltnam Sokaris, whose name was quickly changed to Sion Eltnam Atlasia when she graduated as Summa cum Laude within a year and a half of her supposed six year course. Unfortunately, she was not able to get a Master's Degree, because she bit a classmate of hers, whose name was said to have been Tommy Cruise, leading to her expulsion by her second year. Sources can't clearly state the victim's real name.

In the game, Melty Blood in which Aozaki Aoko is the main character of, as well as her spin-off show, Aoko's Clues, she is a very nice person, as she appears to Shiki one day, because she was disgusted at him for being 7 and still a virgin. She found out that this was due to a special ability that Shiki had - he shot eye beams(or for some fans, designator beams, whatever) when he was aroused. She then gave Shiki a pair of glasses, which suppressed these beams, so he can have a happy, traditional life.

Other versions and Similar Releases[edit]

Fear not, for Allah shall smite these infidels with a plague of viruses and hacks.

There are a lot of shameless similar releases to Melty Blood, some of them, being patches and versions for the original game, but contain very little to none of the story featured in the original. Some others are the fucking clones. They will feel the wrath of Allah, don't worry.

Official Releases[edit]

Melty Blood: Re-Ack![edit]

A special 3D release for the PS2. It's still on 3D because it sucks. Thus, it is possible that Electronic Arse may be involved. Due to this inherent risk, it is recommended to shield your eyes when playing this game, and hope that Jebus will bring you salvation.

This release includes John Madden as a playable character.

Melty Blood: Act Caramba[edit]

Melty Blood: Act Caramba Cover

A Mexican release of the original Melty Blood game. Available in a 3D and 4D versions, as well as G, PG-13, M, and H versions.

Melty Blood: Act Caramba Ver. [edit]

This version of Act Caramba is actually a unbalance patch release for vanilla Melty Blood: Act Caramba. Unlike the original version, all hidden characters from the story mode come unlocked, plus a new character, Omega Tom Hanks. Tom Hanks' omega form wears a metallic chrome-painted suit and sports an upward arching mustache, which is seen as a very powerful stabbing weapon in-game.

Unfortunately, this patch version only comes in H mode. Stay worried out there.

Melty Blood: Not Again[edit]

A future announced release for Melty Blood. It contains two new characters, Reinsbyfe Stridberger and Jeschaus Chraeste. The controversial character, <insert name here> was said to be unlockable if the player defeats Nero Jeschaus Chraeste Chaos SSJ3, who appears in survival mode after beating 69 other characters. This is, however not yet confirmed.

Unofficial Releases[edit]

This section contains the shameless brave slimeballs indie game producers who managed to create a stolen similar game to Melty Blood, which we know is purely intentional unintentional, so that they can use the existing fanbase as a sales ground so that they can use the existing fanbase as a sales ground.

Melty Man[edit]

“...Melty Man, with the power to... ... Melt! ”

~ Opening Narrator on Melty man

After winning the rights to air Melty Man, Japanese School Girls were finally given a very special treat at the after party.

Melty Man, from the ultra-hit show, Action league: NOW!, on Snickelodeon. While many people enjoy this arguably great show, they don't know the controversy that lies behind this seemingly original idea. It actually came from one of Blood is Thicker than Water's first original character designs, where he was given a form depicted as a melted man. Though this idea was scrapped, it cannot be said that Melty Man was an original character if he is based on a previous character design.

In the end, Snickelodeon won the rights to use Melty Man, though the trial itself was not widely aired on most TV News channels, through an outside settlement of being given the rights for Japanese School Girls to be raped by an American Soldier at least once in their life.

Melty Bread[edit]

That just... sick. You know, That's not right.

What can only be described as a sick anime show about making bread is also a parody of Melty Blood. Completely recolored, and given a few changes in costume, the characters Shiki, Arcueid, Inui, and Mr. T composes the main cast of this show.

Consequently from its release in Japan, Melty Bread have garnered itself a full 3 pages of MySpace and 6 of Live Journal criticizing it's quote:

“Disgustingly obvious revamp on Melty Blood's characters”

~ Disgruntled Fan on Melty Bread

...and moreover, the addition of Mr. T to the cast was quote:

“A desperate attempt of the show to boost its ratings, by adding a sickeningly clichéd character to its roster.”

~ Yet Another Disgruntled Fan on Melty Bread

This negative display of criticism to the show puts it number two of Oricon's Bottom Ten Sales Chart during its first month in stores, second only to Narutard Shrimppuden.