Members of the Generally Super Evil Villian League

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“Wow. These guys are quite evil like...”

~ Oscar Wilde on The Generally Super Evil Villian League

“With Satan as your sidekick, what can go wrong?”

~ Kevin Spacey on Satan as his @#!*%

“Yeah, I've fought em. So, what? You think, they can mess with me? I'll f***** drown em! I'll put out their eyes with a f***** solderin iron! You think i'm f***** kidding? C'mere, you gimp-”

~ Wave the Swallow on The Generally Super Evil Villian League

“Heeeeeyyyyy Mama!”

~ Al Jolson on Everything

Formed in the late 1960's by Kevin Spacey, the Generally Super Evil Villian League has grown to infamous proportions. Since then many maniacs, murderers, sadistic actors and demi-gods have joined in an attempt to bring about the death of Christopher Walken.

Early Years[edit]

"Spacey and his colleages (i.e. @#!*% )"

Rob Schnieder Goes down to home depo and pays the migrant workers to choke him while he masturbates in the shower. "true story" ( im a migrant worker )

One of the most powerful and gayest villians is Wave the Swallow she rapes little boys in thier bumbs and tickle thier vaginas

Formed by Kevin Spacey and swiftly joined by James Woods, the league had two empowering leader figures that would lead them to a grand future. The league spent its youth killing youths, stealing from the elderly and burying countries. Spacey being the most powerful member may come as a shock, specifically as James Woods was once a Gnostic God of "Onion field", but after his "unbirth" he lost most of his power in all fields. Spacey however, born a demi-god from unknown sources, contained a great deal of both acting power and murderous capability.

The Apprentice[edit]

Woods and Spacey were keen for assistance, specifically after Walken had made himself known again after his unbirth though the masterpiece "Batman Returns". This could spell trouble as Woods was the one who beckoned Shatner to make everyone as @#!*% as him. Another reason for an apprentice was that the whole "twosome" thing just made them look gay. Something that Spacey could do without...

And so they searched. Hitler was dead, Ghandi was too evil and would probably try to take over. They then came to the conclusion that though he was not quite evil enough, Satan would have to do. He learned quickly though, and within time became almost as powerful as Spacey himself. Not quite as powerful, and Spacey saw to that with a small butter knife and an electric toothbrush.

The Generally @#!*% Spectacular Super Hero League[edit]

Only one year after Tom Cruise shat out an acting career, Walken gathered his forces. He was ready to show Woods what happens when someone turns him to mulch.

With Chuck Norris by his side, and a budding David Hasselhoff,who was surprisingly uncaring about the situation as he knew that he would win overall, Walken was ready to go.

So, with ex-cops and Vietnam flooding to their side, the G.F.S.S.H.L was on the move. They began by burning down the Baldwin household, then moving on to other threats. Unfortunately at this time, Spacey fell ill with cancer. He spent most of his days hospitalised while Woods took temporary control.

The Certified Uber New Total Soldiers[edit]

Not content with having these two ultre-forces fighting over the world in a secret war of "Jedi-Kung-Foo" and treachery, the rejects had to have a go.

"Kevin Spacey when he fell ill with cancer. It got his hair, so he @#!*% its mother."

Formed by Adam Sandler and Rob Schnieder, the c.u.n.t.s. had a short live career at trying to set up there own gang. It was made up of Gears of War noobs and ALL Halo online players, while also having its fair share of cripples and walking pieces of @#!*% .

It met its demise when Kevin Spacey was ambushed by them when leaving the hospital just after recovering from cancer. All 617 of them. He killed them all, and spared none. He took specific enjoyment in beating Adam Sandler to death with a toaster.

Rob Schnieder Goes down to home depo and pays the migrant workers to choke him while he masturbates in the shower. "true story" ( im a migrant worker )

The Culmination of Events[edit]

When the events culminated the culmination of events took place. This meant that the building up of various situations had led to a culmination in occurances, or events. The events based around the actions of both sides and involed a great deal of culminating, leading from and to events. The culmination of the horrifying events based around a stalemate, which no one could proceed. Spacey had carefully planned the events to culminate right when the good guys had the upper hand, like he knew they would, and thusly the events culmianted everywhere, leaving a very unpleasant mess and time for the villians to escape.

The Here And Now[edit]

Look out your window. Feel that chill on you neck? Think its wind? No No, its the icy breath of time. And it slowly gets colder. And one day, when your taking the kids to school, BAM!

You will be decapitated by a catering tray.

I warn you fair people, they plan for power, and they will have it. Walken and his team battle daily to preserve the peace, but one day they will falter. And lord help us all...

(Would You Kindly 12:00, 21 December 2007 (UTC)) --Theskydivingoat 16:49, 21 December 2007 (UTC)

Members of the Generally Super Evil Villian League
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