Menai the Puss Moth

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Menai the Puss Moth (Born 1910s-??) is a strange human/moth hybrid mutant politician, megalomaniac who follows communism and has the intent to wipe out the human race with a reign of mutant supermoths.

Early Life[edit]

During his early life, Menai was an overspoilt brat with an unhealthy freak fixation with winged insects, particularly with Moths. Reports that he went into a murderous rage and throwing tantrums when someone squatted flies, planted mothballs in wardrobes, sprayed pesticides in fields and many other threats to insects. A series of these incidents scarred him for life with an intense hatred for humans, so he decided that one day he would do anything to become a moth to become near-invincible and take over the world. When World War 2 broke out, Menai fled to eastern europe to collabarate with the Nazis and became friends with Adolf Hitler and Josef Stalin where he first got involved in politics and learnt dictatorship. He informed them of his goal to become a Puss Moth and take over the world, just about to get laughed at but instead was introduced to scientists who were working on outrageous human experiments to create a powerful race.

Menai's dream came true during the late 1940s/early 1950s when he met scientists specialised in mutation injected him with DNA's from Puss Moths which he eventually morphed into the Human/Puss Moth he is today.

Rise into Politics[edit]

After Menai's transformation into a Puss Moth, he established an underground political group called The Prophets based in the Menai Bridge Building which gained followers and various political Henchmen who followed his ideas. Some of his amazed accomplaces have even requested to be a moth like Menai but only a few close friends sucseeded.

Accusation of Murder[edit]

In 1991 when the movie The Silence of The Lambs was released. The original moth on the movie poster was found murdered some time after the poster was photograph was taken with Menai posing instead showing the threat of World Moth Domination. After various court cases, Menai was avoiding the Press aided by his bodyguards ordering them furiously for his Attorney. Soon, Menai went inhiding from the public.

Present Day[edit]

After years of Inhiding, Various people claim that Menai was flying around street lights and hanging around strange places in his claimed birthplace of Anglessey.