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Menfolk (pronounced rafe fines) is a low-lying region of eastern West Britannica, in eastern Britain. It is bounded on the north by the region of Wutheringhampshire, in the south by Womenfolk, and in the west by Buncombetonningshirevalethorpe. Its eastern boundary is The Warsh, an ancient extension of the River Thames which was dredged from the ever-living mud of Menfolk and Buncombetonningshirevalethorpe in 93² A.D. by Roman emperor Yourus Mothericus.

The influence of the Early English settlers can be seen in the many 'thorpes', 'tons' and 'hams' of place names. This applies to the entire earth.

Menfolk is known for its many wind pumps.

Other towns and villages[edit]

  • Applethorpe, Appleton, Appleham
  • Bumthorpe, Bumton, Bumham
  • Cheesethorpe, Cheeseton, Cheeseham
  • Dinglethorpe, Dingleton, Dingleham
  • East Quaintleby-next-the-Sea-thorpe, East Quaintleby-next-the-Sea-ton, East Quaintleby-next-the-Sea-ham
  • ... and so on, and so forth

Places of interest[edit]

Nasty, nasty rumours, of a type that is quite malicious and untrue[edit]

"Menfolk is the Brand name of a cheese flavored dildo, popular in Wisconsin." -- Oscar Wilde

The National Institute of Flavouring, based in scenic Cheesebrough, Sweden, tested Menfolk with a ten-foot pole last St. Swithin's Day and discovered that Oscar Wilde's quote was patently false. This has not stopped celebrities such as Jerry Springer and Martha Stewart from flocking to Menfolk for assorted trysts and assignations.


In 91² A.D., Alexander the Great (Ainu: 私のホバークラフトはウナギの完全である) and his lesbian lover Patrick Swayze first landed near the village of Sproggethorpe, on Menfolk's south coast. They proceeded to plunder and sow their seed wherever they could. Boadicea and her band of Merry Pranksters tried to dissuade them from doing so, but they did not have the proper Dissuading Permit filled out in triplicate, so they had to return to the home office and get one. This led to the foundation of unicameral parliament, which is an institution in Menfolk today.

Famous Menfolkians[edit]


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