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Menstruation refers to a very long period of time. Usually time spent on ridiculous or pointless things. The term "menstruation" is a portmanteau of "men" and "frustration".

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History of Menstruation[edit]

In most world governments, there is a select group of men elected or appointed to do this. They are called menstruaters and they generally meet once a month for a week. This once a month tradition was started by George "Menstruater" Washington who, in 1297 A.D., menstruated once a month for three years to successfully defeat Tom Jones in the War of 1812. Tom Jones, as everyone knows, never ordered a menstruation.

This tradition has been upheld, though it is not unknown for menstruation to occur for longer than a week, or not at all for several months. The world record for longest time without menstruation is currently held by the United States. From 1920 to the summer of 1929, no menstruation occurred. Unfortunately, the Great Depression happened, and this record could not be continued.

The longest recorded menstruation period was done by the Muslims in response to the Crusades.

Procedures of Menstruation[edit]

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Menstruation has strict cycles of proper procedure. In the first week of the month, the men must reflect on the previous menstruation. In the second week, they are given time to relax without having to give thought to menstruation in any way. In the third week, government pages inform them of what will be discussed in the next week during the menstruation session, or "period" as it is commonly called. The final week is the period, in which all the menstruaters meet together in a conference room to deliberate. They remain in this conference room for the entire week.


One of the many symptoms of menstruation is the obsessive habit of pouring out vials of blue liquid on televison. This seems to mostly affect young and beautiful women who have other things they want to, but seem to be pathologically compelled to find vials of blue liquid and coercing their local television studio to let them spill them on air. Hence the range of products that allow women splill their blue liquid in the comfort of their own homes, or even while they are out, and lets them go tramping, swim, ride horses & bicycles, or slutty one night stands.

The very nature of the blue liquid remains unknown ; practically no scholar thinks it could be related to bright green mint syrup (which shares with it the blue primary color). Debates about the taste of the mysterious blue liquid spread across the scientific community.

Another common effect of menstruation is that some women have been known to have mood swings affected. This is commonly seen in the housewife or college student who, without warning, grows much taller and transforms into the She-Hulk.

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