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Menudo is a soup made entirely of young boys, famous for the sound it makes while boiling a song-like noise that apparently has a similar effect to the call of the siren. Enough Menudo will lead to some dangerous buttsecks.

Menudo was removed from US and Canadian menus when it was found to have unnatural concentrations of vitamins B6 (Uranium), B8 (Ricky Martin), and B24 (You sunk my battleship!!). According to the FDA, Menudo can only safely be consumed by thirteen year old girls with no hope of a future, though they have a much better chance of survival if they would instead turn to the Make A Wish Foundation.

An innocent young boy soon to be turned into Menudo...

Effects of Menudo on Latino culture[edit]

Menudo's cross cultural appeal had an enormous impact on the Hispanic youths of America. At first rejected by parents due to Menudo's 3D-styled jumping-out-at-you albums freaking them the hell out (and often times filing breaking and entering charges). Their whimsical soft pop ballads chilled out an angry generation of immigrants and turned them into a band of flashy dressing, girl doting, morons. This image obsessed quadrant of society rejected spending their money on weapons for crimes and instead bought shiny rims and loud mufflers. Some youths including young Fabian used Menudo dance moves to create a new fighting style called MENUFU. Fashioned in the same manner as kapoiera after dance moves. This involved twirling your long flowing greasy locks to attract a member of the same sex and then jacking them (curly locks in hand). This method is shown above while Fabian is in the process of breaking the world's most powerful punch record. Not since Bruce Lee brought karate into the mainstream of American pop consciousness has such an overwhelming if not debatable fighting style hit our shores. Oh, yeah and they gave us Ricky Martin... yay for that too.

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