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Metal Zim plays one mean guitar!

Metal Zim is one of the greatest Rock n' roll and heavy metal artists in the galaxy and is believed by most irkens to be a myth. Metal Zim has been a part of many bands throughout the galaxy. The first band he joined up with was The Modal Nodes on the desert planet of Tatooine, who were led by Figrin D'an. Metal Zim was part of D'an's band for about a month. He then moved on to join other intergalactic groups, like Ember McLain's. At first, she was skeptical about having an alien on her all-ghost rock band, and how well she was doing without him, but eventually, she shunned him from all ghost-existence types. Zim would seek revenge in due time, but he started on his rise to fame first.

Metal Zim's fame spread throughout the galaxy and he was asked to appear on many intergalactic talk shows, including the hugely popular show, "The Tonight Show with Invader Leno". After touring throughout the galaxy with various groups and each contract being a disappointment to him, Metal Zim decided to try his luck on planet earth, where his look-alike(unknown to him) Invader Zim was attempting to conquer the small, blue planet. Also, Ember McLain was attempting world domination through rock music, which, although sounded awexometacula to Metal Zim, decided to help the half-ghost teen into weakening her and shoving her into a thermos just for rejecting his idea to join her band.

The Fall of Metal Zim[edit]

Once Metal Zim came to earth, everything began to take a turn for the worst. After the sweet revenge on Ember McLain, he narrowly escaped an asassination attempt by paranormal investigator Dib who mistaked him for the buffoonish, incompetent supervillain, Invader Zim. Then, many of the bands that he joned, as well as the media became suspicious of his green skin and assumed that Metal Zim was an alien(which was infact true). Metal Zim however, dispelled these rumors as "LIES! FILTHY LIES!" in order to protect his image.

Metal Zim's most recent contract was with The Max Weinberg Seven (now once again, "The Max Weinberg Eight) to replace their previous eighth member, The Box Ghost, who was dead, hence the name.

However, things did not go well when Metal Zim joined Max Weinberg's band. One of it's members, La Bamba, developed a strong dislike for him and this dislike was often parodied by Conan O'Brien and Max Weinberg. Also, Metal Zim was out of his element, as he played "heavy metal" music, while The Max Weinberg Seven only played backround music for Conan's talk show. Finally, in 2008, Metal Zim left The Max Weinberg seven, and earth for that matter, and went to the planet known as irk to entertain the Almighty Tallest.

“I bet he is not as good as me on guitar though.”

~ Buckethead on Metal Zim


  • Unlike most of the other Zimii, Metal Zim is not an evil supervillain.

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