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Meteorology is the military ploy of destruction-by-meteors. This method of engagement is less costly than using bombs, or other man-made objects to destroy foreign countries, because meteors "just happen." It has been critiqued as impossible or coincidental, since mankind cannot summon meteors.

Many critics of meteorology have been mysteriously struck by meteors.

  • Meteorology was first used in Assyria to destroy the Babylonians.
  • In 1982, Napoleon used a meteorological attack to conquer and finally put an end to the disco era, freeing humanity from the vile power of funk.

Despite popular belief, a large part of the strategy against Iraq involves meteorology. George W. Bush has been seen praying to Jebus that meteors strike and destroy terrerrists. Though any documentation would be confidential, it has been theorized that meteorology was also used in the attack on Afghanistan.

Possible Other Meanings[edit]

The old, incorrect (or maybe correct) article is kept here for laughs: The science of bullshit. Meteorologists perform double-blind studies on thousands of unknowing subjects, usually to test stress. Most of these experiments involve giving inaccurate forecasts of the upcoming weather, then secretly gauging the viewers' reactions, usually by number of bricks thrown at them.

Main Headquarters[edit]

The main headquarters of meteorological research is located in Central Oklahoma and is set to open at the end of September. Details regarding the NW-CF (National Weather Cluster F---) can be found at